Big Crush / Press

"Porquis Blues fans have always loved a little muscle in their blues and on that blues rock side my personal bet is that Big Crush will satisfy that itch on Saturday night. Fronted by Joanna Swan, the band is a rock act with some killer songs that remind me of Alannah Myles crossed with Joe Bonamassa’s huge guitar thump. The band’s debut album is a short seven-song CD tilted Temptation that I have been letting fly in my vehicle sound system for the last month"

" 2013 is really starting to prove to be a stellar year for Canadian Blues/Rock bands that are female fronted, with Toronto based Big Crush, being the latest to break onto the scene with a great debut release called "Temptation"...The music on "Temptation", really reminded me a lot of singers such as, Janis Joplin, Alannah Myles, and Darby Mills, and Classic bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and even a little bit like really early Rush, especially their first album, before Neil Peart was their Drummer....For a Blues Rock Debut Album, I really can't say that I have come across too many that are as jammed packed with great music as "Temptation" is. This is one absolutely great group of artists that I hope continue in this vein of music....5***** for "Temptation"... Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed... Super proud to be a Canadian with great talent like this around..."