Bianca Mikahn / Press

“Surprisingly, spoken word is not often successfully combined with rap. On Nightdreams & Daymares, however, Bianca Mikahn does a flawless job of bridging the two...”

“Music, fashion and art collide for The Craft, an interactive night featuring Bianca Mikahn”

“When It’s Time To Get A Final Take, Nothing Is Better Than Coming In Prepared. There Are Only A Couple Of Studios I Really Like To Write And Dream & Manifest In.”

“With negativity and tragedy becoming an everyday occurrence it’s easy to become numb to it and chalk it up to a cruel world. Colorado MC, singer and producer, Paul Junior decided to actually do something about it. He put together a heavy-hitting roster of Colorado artists to create a track that aims to not only touch the hearts of those affected by the recent tragedies, but also assist them financially”

“The artist's approach towards mental health”

"In a town full of boys with ruffian rhymes, Bianca Mikahn has made a name for herself as a breakout MC...."

“INTERVIEWS Q&A: Meet Bianca Mikahn of Paradox”