BD Frank / Press

“BD Frank original tunes are included on six compilation disks in the UK courtesy of Chaos Music Distribution. One of the blues disks includes James Cotton and Roscoe Gordon - great company!!!”

“Hello - I have just recently changed my performing name from B Frank to BD Frank - this is due to meeting a new musician friend at the Prescott Folk Festival with the Name of "Bob Frank" aka B Frank also - We accidentally met due to "B. Frank" workshops, of which we both showed up for! Great guy and player, however not me, hence the clarification,,,”


“With the addition of Lyle the Crocodile and March of the incompetent we are now including the new, until now unused genre "Glue Brassical"”

B Frank

“B. Frank recordings featured on WJFF-FM / Radio Catskill - "Strings Attached" with Antoine Magliano Friday May 30th - 12:00 PM EST. Water powered radio station! Audio archive available online - http://www.wjffradio.org/wjff/”