Beyond the Silence / Press

"The first big moment was going in an recording our first album. It was a huge milestone for us as a band. The biggest one for us was being played/featured on the radio. We really tip our hats to the guys at 97.3 The Rock in Dubuque, IA for giving us a listen and then giving their audience a listen. It was a great experience for everyone in the band to be interviewed and then to hear OUR tunes played. It was a defining moment for us."

“You guys are absolutely badass!!! Can't wait to do another show with you! Will definitely be in touch! Keep on rocking guys!! Love from the Aussies \m/”

“We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica”

"The show got underway right at the advertised time of 7pm with the local Iowa five piece act BEYOND THE SILENCE. I wasn’t familiar with the band or its music prior to the show so there was no expectations of what would follow. The band played about 6 original songs in the alternative / progressive rock vein (think BLINK 182, GREEN DAY, FALL OUT BOY). They seemed to have a nice following at the show which is a good sign for any up-and-coming act."