Beyond The Gallows / Press

“Beyond the Gallows have earned their hard fought victory. Dripping with blood and gore from those who would stop them, they raise their heads and scream primally to the sky. This is a band who knows no other option than absolute ascendancy and complete conquest. They stand on par with the region's giants of metal, and they show no sign of retreat, strategic or otherwise. It is Do or Die in the harshest sense, and they have no intention of dying today. ”

Soup Owens-Fowler - Splatter Magazine

“Vocalist Michael Rucker features some fierce vocals. His lows are brutal and his highs are piercing. Drummer Vance Jeffcoat thrives off of bands such as Nile and Dying Fetus, delivering precise blasts and a constant barrage of death metal drumming. Guitarists EJ Quinones and Chris Sach both draw influence from bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Death, and The Black Dahlia Murder, sporting riffs that differentiate the band from the stereotypical breakdown formula that has polluted the metal scene as of late. And Bassist Greg Swacus uses an insanely fast finger style technique not unlike Steve Digiorgio. I'm definitely looking forward to see where these guys go!”

Alec Edelson - Metal Cock Radio

“Next up to the stage was Beyond The Gallows up from Columbia, SC. They played some very nice hybrid death metal. with a heavy groove punch that I could definitely dig. Their guitarist, Ej Quinones, had some really nifty guitar work going on and vocalist, Michael Rucker, is like a hyperactive puppy jetting all over the stage clearly enjoying himself and completely feeding off the energy of the crowd, flailing himself down into the people against the stage. Even at one point, the boys of Homicyde were dragging him off the stage and then paraded him around the pit before hoisting him back up onto the stage while he continued belting out the vocals the entire time.”