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“Concord, N.C.’s Beyond The Fade is no stranger to the spotlight. Having already had the opportunity to open for several national acts in the past and headlining shows of their own in the Queen City, BTF bring consistent hard rock to plate time and again. Their eclectic mix of hard rock is invigorating and driven like in their single “Dragstar.” Led by the energetic and charismatic Neil Jackson, Beyond The Fade live are not afraid to work a stage. Bassist Johnny Rochester captivates with spins, dips and unfettered crowd engagement while Jackson bleeds every word he sings from every pore. This is not to say that the action stops their, every member of BTF is visibly viscerally involved and affected by their live performance. As the new year kicks into full-throttle and the band having already opened for Uproar Festival and Otherwise, among others, it will be interesting to see what else these guys have lying in wait for fans in 2015.”

"I would definitely go to see them play more shows, even if it means driving a few hours out of my way."

"I hadn't heard of them before the show, so I can't say a lot about specific songs but they were all awesome!"

"They were a fantastic opening band. Their music is energy-filled rock-n-roll with heavy metal elements mixed in."

“This outfit can fit in with any style of rock and win over any crowd.”

“• These guys have been on a constant rise to the top of Charlotte’s local rock scene, and they were not slowing down a bit this night. Vocalist, Neil Jackson, spent a lot of time mingling with the fans up front; making each individual feel like the show was just for him or her. Lead guitarist, Brandon Strickland had everyone mesmerized with his shred-style solos. This outfit can fit in with any style of rock and win over any crowd”

“Live interview with Beyond the Fade -https://soundcloud.com/k_robb89/btf-interview After the show, I was finally able to round the guys up and caught up with them for an interview, an expected an adventure in its own with the members being their normal, joking selves.”

"Beyond the Fade played a set full of high energy rock n’ roll that got a positive reaction from the crowd after each song. From the moment they started the first song, you could see the passion each of them has for their music just by watching them run around full of energy and love for what they do in true rock n’ roll fashion."

“Beyond the Fade has been Nominated for the NC Hard Rock Band of the Year”

NC Music Awards

"Charlotte band Beyond the Fade has definitely got the mysterious “it” factor."