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“Maverick Magazine ...This Month The House Of Mercy is on the cover CD....with this review!!!! DANG Bex Marshall wields a unique and powerful baton of blues-fused, rock, ragtime and roots that hits you like a flash of musical lightning. With an unbeatable voice that could tame the devil, and impressive talent for writing to match, she is for sure an artist on her way to high sucess. Your just going to love this gem.... ”

“What am I listening to? Bex Marshall, The House of Mercy. With her chiming electric resonator and sassy, soaring pipes, Marshall is a grooving force of nature. Steeped in swampy folk-blues, her songs are simultaneously funky and literate. Great band too. ”

Andy Ellis - Senior Editor - Premier Guitar Magazine

“I’ll go as far as to say that you will not hear a better slide and resonator player born and bred here on British soil. Bex is a magnificent player with an authentic gospel-blues feel that is a rare find. I am surprised she has not been “discovered” and whisked off around the globe by the likes of Van the Man or some visiting US star. She is that good.”

Simon Redley - Blues and Soul.com

“I cannot think of anyone like her on these shores, of the female of the species, and globally she’s pretty unique I’d say. A triple threat as the Americans would say; raunchy blues voice, dynamite slide and guitar player and a classy songwriter too. I’ve not yet seen her perform on stage, but I hear she is pretty explosive live. That pleaure I shall have some day, for sure. Her latest album is probably the album she was born to make. It is all about her. Yes, she has able help from some top drawer musicians, but the songs are a spot on vehicle for her vocal instrument and her guitar skills, and what’s more, she wrote all 11 here. Bex also co-produced the CD with engineer Nick Hunt, and she took care of the art work; perhaps the red hot flames on the cover are symbolic of the fire in her belly for this obvious labour of love?”

SIMON REDLEY - Bluesandsoul.com

“Bex Marshall is steadily becoming well known throughout the blues rock community as a guitar wielding force to be reckoned with. The moment she straps on her resonator guitar on her new CD, The House of Mercy, all you can do is sit back in astonishment. By combining some powerful doses of blues rock, inspiring gospel, and southern bluegrass, Bex creates some downright fantastic music that immediately strikes you as something completely unique. ”

William Clark - Guitar International

“The album House of Mercy continues Bex Marshall’s strong influenced Mississippi Delta Blues-meets-country gospel sound, and although she is a British musician, she delivers a genuinely American-roots style. Marshall tells her soul driven tales with the big sound she brings and the finesse of a truly inspired songstress. The album’s title track “House of Mercy” showcases Marshall’s raspy, blues voice and excellent execution of her well-polished sound. “Gone Fishin” is another track that paints a picture of great blues folklore of the Mississippi Delta region. This album is solid from track to track. Definitely one to keep an eye out for! /1/3”

Clayton Roberts - Jamsplus.com

“Bex Marshall is a UK singer, guitarist, and songwriter most easily comparable to the young Bonnie Raitt—there are similarities soulful, slightly scratchy voice, impressive guitar chops) and there are differences. Marshall—playing an acoustic steel-top resonator guitar, no less—adds chunks of traditional country and bluegrass into her blues-rock stew; her voice is raspier, and there’s old-school R&B as her stew’s oregano—”Rent My Room” could be an old gem by Barbara Lynn or Allen Toussaint, her voice slyly draw(l)ing out the lyrics. Marshall wields a mean slide on her six-strings, but judiciously, so as to make you want more. Steve Lockwood contributes some sharp Charlie Musselwhite-like harmonica. The House of Mercy won’t win awards for originality but, like the best chefs, Marshall mixes familiar ingredients in ways that make your tastebuds tingle for more. ”

Mark Keresman - Icon Magazine

“Ah, but there's more. Marshall's a triple threat 'cause she quills tracks standing solidly with the established brethren and sistren, songs reeking of funky grease, belladonna, bayou road bars, long long nights, hoarse morning afters, whiskey, bourbon, and a string of laments and delights as extensive as both your arms…and your brother's and sister's as well. Her music's gumbo thick, rich with hard-won experiential sauces, spices welling up from the underside, and smokily enticing, the enchantingly fulsome refrains drifting through the landscape with earthy mystery and bon ton roulet. Lotsa heart, tons of atmosphere, years of authenticity, and zero bullshit.”

Mark Tucker - Acousticmusic.com

“Vocally, Marshall's credited with Joplin and Armatrading tendencies. I see the Janis element clearly but not Joanie's trademarks, a woman who's distinctive and who made her most memorable mark in that eponymous 2nd LP, which will, when I get around to writing the damn book one day, stand as an ingredient in the true sonic omnivore's basic collection. But, no, Bex is much more in league with Darby Mills (Headpins) and my hands-down, all-time, favorite female vocalist, Janita Haan (Babe Ruth), with even a bit of Joy of Cooking's Garthwaite and Brown tossed in. Mills and Haan were tornado sirens, consumed in their art, and there's a hell of a lot more of their ilk of blood and passion in Marshall than Joan will ever be able to encircle. Then there's Bex's guitar work, which, frankly, I detect quite a bit of Rory Gallagher in. Maybe it's that Gaelic thingie, but her phrasing, quasi-psychedelic wont, and linear lead lines get my own Irish up as tune after engaging tune erupt from T H O M”

“Ingenious phrases on a wicked guitar, and strains of song that not only put you right there in the moment, but blare out how tremendously this British miss Bex Marshall does it all. Imagine an old Southern blues man and a mountain folk geezer together on a porch and they're thinkin' Led Zeppelin for some damn reason-maybe there's a big blimp on the sky. Anyway, the songs in this House of Mercy are scintillating and mesmerizing. "House of Mercy" itself ends in a hillbilly place after beginning life as a clipped soul rocker. The similes in "Gone Fishin'" take an expert hand, pushed and pulled on a bed of slippery, sassy funk. "Rent My Room" could have come out of Muscle Shoals circa 1968, and "Rattlesnake" slinks with jazzy style and strikes with serious Southern slide guitar. Outstanding in a field all her own? Damn near. )”

“Bex Marshall, The House of Mercy. With her chiming electric resonator and sassy, soaring pipes, Marshall is a grooving force of nature. Steeped in swampy folk-blues, her songs are simultaneously funky and literate. Great band too. February”

Andy Ellis - Premier Guitar.com

“Bex Marshall is a guitar wieling force to be reckoned with, all you can do is sit back in astonishment -”

“‘ ….you can see why Bex Marshall has Paul Jones is in a flap,she could climb the greasy pole based on her vocal and guitar skills - ,”

“She takes American roots, blues and country music and blended it into an elegant emotional exploration. She uses her considerable songwriting skills, her even more considerable acoustic resonator skills..extremely personal and powerful music”


“A former croupier, she's good with her hands, dealing out rootsy original tunes flecked with bluegrass plucking and honeyed slide-guitar washes.. Marshall's competent ax work has Mark Knopfler's feathery touch....PICK OF THE WEEK - .”

Falling James - L.A. WEELY

“A hard touring blues loving Londoner with a voice that suggests a rock version of Esther Phillips’ sardonic rasp....Kitchen Table, measures out its groove and plays like a relaxed conversation, complete with jokes, asides and perfectly turned licks ****... -”

“.Troubodour to the core...perfectly whiskey voiced: the right combination of harsh and gentle-but shes also an excellent guitarist....Kitchen Table sounds like a significant breakthrough by a major label... -”

“In these days the art of sequencing an album seems like a lost art, yet its relevance is not lost on this fine new discovery.Marshalls album is of such class and maturity and class....without an apparent weakness or filler and is superb**** - .”


“the young Londoner showcases an outstanding singing voice.....the blues Black Guitar culminates in a slide guitar clamor DEREK TRUCKS would be pleased to call his own..... -”

“ongstress deserves wider reconition for her spit’n sawdust voicebox and fluid resonator guitar licks...”


“a younger version of Bonnie Raitt. Seldom do we hear such blues inflected rawness in female guitar players and so it's refreshing to hear it done with such authenticity and assurance ”

“Guitar Goddess Extraordinaire A musical tornado.To see her live is is to experience a wild, gusting, powerful force that blasts forth guitar riffs Robert Johnson would be proud of, while a voice draws up the ghosts of old blues women's heartaches.”