Between The Years Of Silence / Press

"From unexpected changes in lineups to changes in music directions that can be heard loud and clear... [Between the Years of Silence] make[s] their sound more sophisticated, more intense and more enjoyable... The music has always had... a symphonic feel to it... due to definite harmony vocal... their female singer, Mary Flowe, has a distinct vocal quality that can be both melodic and hoarse at the same time. It makes [their] sound a lot more expansive... a little goth at times... a little symphonic progressive, but at the same time it's heavy. It's a mixture of the two that blends very well. Metal-multitaskers, Between the Years of Silence... have everybody in the band... contributing to the success of song writing and the production. You can really appreciate the heavier change in sound and different elements, vocals, guitars, all coming together."

Tim Lamping, 105.5 The KAT - "Home Grown Tones" Radio Show