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Owen Egerton (Director of Follow) - Facebook

"Your music sounds awesome!" about sneak preview of Bad Juju, co-produced by Al Jourgensen.

"This cover is great!"

Sumner Erickson (Roky's brother) - Facebook

"Slinky and sleazy."

"Betty X play good heavy industrial punk with female vocals; fans of Ministry and the Genitorturers, take note."

“Betty X is a Punk Rock legend, and I love her.”

“Betty X will lighten the mood with her sadistic, industrial metal croons.”

“The tough bad girl contingent goes invisible a lot of the time, staying bound to its separate set of clubs and bars and its subculture status. It takes the sheer camp brilliance of someone like Betty X to bring it to our attention. Betty X is a goth/industrial/rockabilly diva who got her start as part of the local troupe Salon Betty in the late 1990s.”

“You rock!”

Mike Scaccia, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Buck Satan, Rigor Mortis - Facebook

"Now Betty X is like Betty Y minus that fatal chromosome."

Nick Cave - More News From Nowhere

“Betty X is a huge force to be reckoned with. Turn it up when you listen to this band and be ready to have your face melted.”

“A woman with a sultry voice, and a wicked sharp tongue.”

Duffy Laudrick - Razor Blade Dance Floor

“Demure, yet dangerous.”

“a cocktail that's one part whiskey, one part sex appeal and one part blood from your still beating heart.”

"Betty X will destroy everything you thought was true and sacred. Then she will make you pump your fist and stomp your feet over the carnage."  

- Rolling Stone, DE

“Austin is not a place you would necessarily think of as a town with a strong industrial metal scene. But iconic hardcore artist Betty X adds some welcome volume and darkness to this otherwise laid-back city. She’s mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it any more.”

"You keep kickin ass Betty!!! You got the goods!!!"

“This album takes an important place in a list of all time industrial metal albums. There's a significant influence of Ministry coming out of guitar riffs ... It's very dynamic and predatory. Betty X has followed a refreshed version of industrial metal style, based on low tuned and predatory guitar riffs with dynamical drum beats but also some other sound influences grabbed from digital hardcore, punk or new wave music... vocals happens swashbuckling that's why reminds me Merrill Nisker's from Peaches or Lucia Cifarelli's (KMFDM) voices. ”

"Dangerously sexy blend of poisonous and volatile apocalyptic-metal with sarcastic aggro female vocals."

The Stranger

“Pounding bass lines and bone-crushing grooves make up the mountain of sound crafted from northwest industrial-metal icon Betty X.”