Beto and the Fairlanes / Press

“If you were active in the burgeoning Austin music scene of the late Seventies, then dancing to Beto & the Fairlanes under the stars at Liberty Lunch on Thursday nights was a weekly ritual. To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Robert "Beto" Skiles and crew compiled a career retrospective that grabs favorites from the group's six LPs, all songs by Skiles. Basically a hot Latin jazz dance band, their incorporation of diverse contemporary grooves and styles once characterized this town's musical culture at large. Along with Skiles, a dazzling pianist, the band boasts an array of top jazz musicians who put forth formidable chops on highlights including "Playa Gloria," "Eye of the Hurricane," and "Sesos de Huesos," their first 45 single from 1977. Although dated, Best o Beto still offers effusive party music that captures an essential slice of Austin music. Vamos a get down!”

“Today’s guests, Beto and the Fairlanes, have entertained audiences with their unique blend of Latin Jazz, swing, and world music since the late 70′s. They’ll be headlining this Saturday night (Nov 17) at Alpine’s Artwalk 2012. More information about musical performances at Artwalk are available on their website.”

“And if that doesn’t satisfy your festival-going spirit, then there’s always music. Sweet Bunch of Daisies kicks off the day at noon in the Music Tent, followed by Taj Weekes, Ben Livingston, Jesse Sublett & the Big Three Trio and Beto y Los Fairlanes.”

"The opening act for this evening was Beto Y Los Fairlanes (aka Robert Skiles) taking the stage in their quest to play 35 shows (this was number 25) to celebrate three and a half decades of playing together. Hartt Stearns, co-founder of One World, sat in with the band on congas. Later, while introducing Roberts on stage, he noted that he'd persisted for some time to get him to play at One World Theater. The persistence was worth the effort - and the wait, as they are definitely a must-see for jazz lovers who like their music straight-up with a twist."

“Depending on who you ask, it’s either “Beto and the Fairlanes” or “Beto y Los Fairlanes.” Both are correct – and that sort of speaks to the type of band that they are. Beto y/and Los/the Fairlanes aren’t a group to get bogged down by details of whether their conjunctions and articles are in Spanish or English, they’re a group to play raucous jazz and Latin jam music until they can’t anymore. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since the band was formed in the 70s. The band’s leader, Robert “Beto” Skiles, was raised on classical music and studied music at the University of Texas and the University of North Texas. So while the band has good humor in spades, it is never short on talent and skill. On Thursday, the band will play a show at the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture. Or just listen here for their live performance in Studio 1a for host Jay Trachtenberg. ”

“Played El Cartero on 9/13 Show”

“Played "Oyo Como Es" from BEST O BETO to close out Horizontes Show”

“Played: Beto and The Fairlanes / Sesos de Huesos / Mongoose Island / Fable Records LP”

“Played: Beto and The Fairlanes / Mi General / Midnight Lunch / Fable LP”

“Played: Beto and The Fairlanes featuring Tee-Double / Salsafied / Beto and The Fairlanes Best O Beto / Fable”

“Played "Mongoose Island" from BEST O BETO on Lone Star State of Mind”

“Played "Playa Gloria" from BEST O BETO on Lone Star State of Mind”

“Played on Lone Star State of Mind”

“Played "El Fallaron" from Conga Dog to finish out Horizontes Show”

“Latinos of all ilks have been making music in Austin and in Texas for a long, long time: Beto y los Fairlanes, Alejandro Escovedo, Davíd Garza, Ruben Ramos, Little Joe y la Familia, Willie Santiago, Leyendas, Alfonso Ramos, Neto Perez & the Originals, the Nash Hernandez Orchestra, Flaco and Santiago Jimenez, Sun Vocina, La Tribu, Manuel Donley y los Estrellas, Los Jazz Vatos, Conjunto Aztlan, Son y No Son, Centzontle, Correo Aereo, and many, many others. This is certainly not a complete list and not all are still around, but they paved the way. There's an onda all right, and it doesn't come out of a vacuum.”