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“Taking a page from the books of Aimee Mann, Tracy Chapman, and Chrissie Hynde, Wimmer makes folk-rock Americana tales of men past, present, and dearly departed. These are songs that are confident, worldly, and warm, filled with harmonies just as smooth as her voice.”

“Beth Wimmer is an American who is big in Europe--except that Britain seems to have largely passed her by. Ghosts & Men is her third album--strong acoustic/electric songs and imaginative arrangements topped off with a brilliant slow-burning cover of Bad Moon Rising. Recommended. -R2 Rock n Reel, UK”

“Den Namen Beth Wimmer kennt man hierzulande noch kaum, obwohl mit "Ghosts & Men" letzten November bereits das dritte Album der aus Boston stammenden Wahl-Bündnerin erscheint. Allerdings ist es das erste, das in Europa entstand, genauer in Italien... Pressestimmen aus - Achtung - Holland, Belgien und England haben dagegen Herz und Seele des wirklich wunderschönen Sounds schon bemerkt. Seit dem Release dieses Albums erntet die Amerikanerin auch erste lokale Früchte ihrer Arbeit, etwa in Form von Airplay bei Radio Grischa und Swisspop. Die Musik, die zwischen Country, Americana und Folk variiert - gemeinhin Modern Folk genannt - ist mit einer häufig eingesetzten Hammond-Orgel ganz besonders auf emotional gemacht und versprüht eine gewisse Nostalgie... Mit "Ghosts & Men" hat die neue Nachbarin nun also quasi mit einer Flasche Wein an unsere Tür geklopft und trägt ein Stück der grossen weiten Welt in die kleine, behütete Schweiz. Wohl bekomms!”

"Ghosts & Men" is a warm mix of uptempo blues and soul inflected Americana and more laid back, easy rolling balladry. If there’s an era influence, it’s probably the 70s with the dappled folk haze of Easier Life suggesting early Joni while the funkier Bring You Back, the Hammond backed Blame Yourself (a poignant song about her sister and deceased father) and Makin’ War’s Southern soul swing conjure thoughts of Bonnie Raitt or the late Nicolette Larson. Deserving to reach as wide an audience as recent releases by Welch and Williams, it’s a contender for the end of the year best ofs. Even if I didn’t get a chocolate bar incentive this time."

“En härlig upptäckt i den stora CD-floden. Blues- och soulinfluerad americana tillsammans med multiinstrumentalisten Damiano Della Torre. Många fina eftertänksamma texter kring relationer och livet, och en helt fantastisk långsam, hårresande version av »Bad Moon Rising«. Som ett omen. -Rootsy.nu, Sweden”

"The qualitative constant through all the songs on "Ghosts & Men" is the soothing, strong singing voice of Beth Wimmer who always excels in songs like opener "Lover On The Run", "Bring You Back", "Beautiful Friends", and the joyous love song, "My Babe", with Hammond organ and accordion interludes, and the final song "For The Living", a catchy, rhythmic up-tempo ode to life. "Ghosts & Men" radiates an immense maturity for Beth Wimmer as a singer-songwriter. We really can not find word of criticism for this already excellent new album by Wimmer. Also, the magnificent instrumental contribution of co-producer Damiano Della Torre on Hammond organ and accordion adds tremendous value to the the songs, and therefore deserves a separate mention. You should seriously consider to buy this excellent CD.” 

"Waarna we net nog even plek hebben om u attent te maken op "Ghosts & Men", het nieuwe en beste album van de in Zwitserland woonachtige Amerikaanse Beth Wimmer. Buitengewoon soulvol zingend, paart ze ook op dit vierde album een sterk gevoel voor melodie aan pakkende refreinen en liedjes, waarbij vooral de folk-rootsy instrumentatie deze keer werkelijk niets te wensen overlaat." - Heaven Magazine, Netherlands

"Ghosts & Men is one of those albums which when you find, you wish you'd found earlier. Wimmer places two standout tracks in front of us--- one a standard, a cover of CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising'. While it is a song I usually can do without (I think I've just heard it way too many times), Wimmer slows it down and Damiano Della Torre grits it up with such class slide work, I find myself actually liking it. The other standout song is 'For the Living'. The slight ska beat and the shifting background vocals reminds a lot of certain songs on Steve Winwood's Back In the High Life, the intertwining rhythms giving it an energy beyond, if you will. Nice work, Beth. May others hear what I hear." -RockandReprise.net, Frank O. Gutch, Jr., USA. (Read full review at the following link...)

"Miracle Girl" Beth Wimmer liet in 2009 met het gelijknamige album een fraaie indruk op deze jongen : Betje beschikt immers over een prima stemgeluid - full of heart & soul - schrijft ongelofelijke mooie songs en, niet onbelangrijk, kan rekenen op de onvoorwaardelijke steun van Peter Holmstedt (Hemifran). Voor de opnames van de opvolger "Ghosts & Men" verliet zij haar thuishaven Santa Monica, California voor het ongetwijfeld even zonnige Italie waar zij blijkbaar een tweede thuis heeft gevonden. Beth Wimmer omhelst americana met alt.country, rock en folk en dat hebben de Azzurri's olv Damiano Della Torre duidelijk begrepen : "Sweet Tragedy" kan immers rekenen op een sublieme streep accordion, met het Chi Coltrane - esque "Bring You Back" gaat Beth net als op "Blame Yourself" en "Makin' War"een schitterend duel electric guitar / Hammond organ aan waarbij de uitslag geen enkele rol speelt, zo blijf je immers "Beautiful Friends"... (see link for more...)

"Beth Wimmer - American singer/songwriter now lives, tours and records in Europe. She has co-produced this, her third album, with her multi-instrumentalist band member Damiano Della Torre. The overall sound is Americana-ish with touches of eclectic electric folk. There are swells of Hammond B3, forceful guitars and strident rhythms at the heart of these heartfelt songs--the focal point of which is Wimmer's voice, a strong instrument that conveys the emotion of the songs whether the more laid back lines about traveling with the right man in 'Easier Life', a theme that she also takes up with 'My Babe'. It features some textured touches of accordion that give the song added musical depth. In 'Makin' War' the subject misses her man while he's off doing what a man has to do. These songs are about life, love and relationships. Subjects common to most singer-songwriters but when in the right hands convey common experience.

“BETH WIMMER/Ghosts and Men: Left leaning, neo nu folkie travels to Italy to give her songs a load of special sauce that might not have been sprinkled on if staying in her native Boston and recording locally. Presenting deeply felt songs in a deeply felt performance, you also feel something lurking under the surface that she’s not really a queen of pain type. It’s got its heart and soul in back porch music, but Wimmer’s back porch might be the balcony of a high rise condo.”

“Bonjour Beth... On "Ghosts & Men" the very first positive feeling comes from the beautiful cover picture...it already gives an idea of the quality inside. after listening, I have been impressed with the sound quality, the beautiful and rich arrangements...everything is chiseled. there is magic in your voice that carries emotion ...your  songs are beautiful and they are a testimony of your humanity...your words immediately bring the listener into your world...I am happy to know you and your music...”

Mike Penard, DJ - American Roots Music, Radio ISA, France

"An honest voice, full of heart and soul and incredible songs." ~ Swa, ROOTSVILLE.be, Belgium

"Swa" - Rootsville, Belgium

"This fourth album by Beth is the proof of what's happening to new country right now...the proof of a positive course of events! The production and the accompaniment are perfectly enhancing a voice both very assured and very pleasant...and a true jewel with the guitar provided by Billy Watts, currently backing Eric Burdon. Every note is pertinent and the resonance is brilliant..."

JJC, FRANCE - Le Cri Du Coyote

"If Chris Isaac and Annie Lennox moved down to the southern part of the states and got themselves a babygirl and this girl did an album, it would probably sound like this. Beth Wimmer stands on a very nice voice and the production is really pleasant... A very solid and good mature singer-songwriter album with pop refrains."

by Paer Winberg - Melodic.net

"She has the sass to match the sweet." ~ Mike Davies, NetRhythms UK

“SCOTLAND's RADIO SIX (www.RadioSix.com) lists two tracks from "MIRACLE GIRL", "Lover From Last Summer" & "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", as finishing 3 and 8 respectively in the TOP TEN Records of the Year, 2009!”