Beth Marie Anderson / Press

“I'm amazed at the beautifully honest passion and soul in your voice...I was really in awe!!!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Awesome vocals, no wonder you're at #1”

Robert Machado - Reverbnation

“Open Road - As an artist I can relate to this song the best. It's very uplifting. I love songs that many people of all walks of life can appreciate :). So kudos to you. Love the way you bend those notes and i can just imagine this one live!”

Pink Bubble Gum - Number One Music

“'Fallen Angel' - Awesome track.. :).. Left me speechless, so moving and beautiful. People check that track out!”

Beat Logix - Reverbnation

“If there's one thing that can be said about French Creek singer/songwriter Beth Marie Anderson ... it's that she doesn't lack for ambition.”

Fred Davies - PQB News

“Beautiful voice and lyrics.. Thank you so much for sharing your God given talent!!”

Adrienne Iversen - Reverbnation

“So glad I came to listen! Great sound! Love your voice! Keep in touch :)”

Anna Johnson - Reverbnation

“Fallen Angel - Lovely vocals. Your voice is very reminiscent of something missing in today's young country music generation. Retro. you captured the essence of the emotion of this record. I love it.”

Pink Bubble Gum - Number One Music

“Man - I love Fallen Angel, it's such a melodic tune! ... Awesome voice too ... plus ur pretty .. you got it all =] good job.”

Nuclear Dance Scene - Reverbnation