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““I love the Humboldt audiences. They are so encouraging. That’s a huge difference from Dallas or Oklahoma. It’s soul crushing when people put you down. Out here it’s so loving and accepting.” Isbell is talking not only about herself but about other musicians, including the young ones at Blondies. “It really helps an artist to develop and flourish,” she said. Flourish she will, with a host of albums and EPs of her music published. The latest, Shine On!, was released in February and is essentially a compilation EP, she said, featuring the opening or closing tracks from her original full band studio album, We Are The Gods! (2013), Work It Out (2015), and the 2015 EP. "I was trying to create something uplifting and without all the cuss words to showcase my work," she wrote. "The EP turns out to be a really nice listen and introduction.” She’s right. The EP features some tasty guitar work and the lyrics are both clever and inspirational."”

“Whew. Are you ready for BeThisBell...? Ready or not, this band has arrived. And they seem to be on a mission to re-energize the world of rock music. The band is based in the unlikely location of Oklahoma City. The last time we heard anything this exciting from this city was when we were turned onto The Chainsaw Kittens in the 1990s. Here's a funny coincidence...just after we typed the previous sentence, we scanned over the press release that accompanied this album and saw that Trent Bell (of The Chainsaw Kittens) produced this album. What most folks will remember and/or write about is the fact that the band's lead singer Beth Isbell is a transgendered individual (her original name was Bill). A lot may have changed with Isbell, but interestingly she still sounds very much like a man...which is kinda cool considering how many transgendered folks tend to want to try to talk differently after their transformation.”

“BeThisBell’s “Work It Out” is modern/indie alternative stadium glam rock with psychedelic, proto-punk, and blues-rock influences. Simply put, it’s very chill and trippy music. A five track EP released this April in California, the music was produced by someone a little closer to home for Red Dirt Report. Trent Bell, of Bell Labs Recording in Norman, added his award winning production to this already pretty cool EP. The musicianship involved on these tracks is really something special. There is a lot of talent on all fronts which engages listeners the entire time.”

“(Part 2) But back to the music itself. We Are The Gods! features loud gripping guitar-driven rock/pop music with driving rhythms and introspective lyrics. The band's music reminds us very much of music from the 1990s when there were so many great underground guitar bands in the United States. This nice solid album features ten groovy tracks including "Ancestral Dance," "Oblivion," "She's Not Catholic," and "In This Moment."”

“I felt like I was listening to movie soundtrack music in the background of people rebelling or doing drugs or just simply rocking out against whatever it was they weren’t supposed to do. For the record, I mean this in the most positive way possible. It’s that kind of dangerous seduction to do the “wrong” thing in musical form – very, very cool.”

“Beth is a true example of following your heart and your passion regardless of how many bends may be in the road along the way. She left behind the person she once was to become who she was destined to be. She also left behind a career as a civil rights lawyer to become a full time musician. This album is more than a collection of songs, it is a map of a journey which speeds through coming out and despair and leads to hope. We Are The Gods! was recorded and mixed at Grammy winning Bell Labs in Norman, OK with Trent Bell (Iggy Pop, Chainsaw Kittens) as the producer behind it.”

“I got to experience a rockin’ punk show without actually having to leave my very comfortable couch and I would definitely recommend you do the same. With four Rusties, “Work It Out” is a must-listen and can be found on the band’s website.”

“One-of-a-kind edgy sound is exactly what you can expect from BeTh isBell. The debut single She’s not Catholic is catchy enough to make you want to listen to it on repeat after just one listen. The music of many of the songs are full of a rhythm to make you move. I really want to see this band do well because there’s a gap out there for a new punk, glam/grunge rock band that I think BeTh isBell are more than capable of filling. Beth’s a dedicated lyricist with a musical education to support her craft. How would I describe the songs on this release? Anger fueled music that allows you to let yourself go with enough deeper meaning to challenge your mind with moments of simple fun thrown in for good measure! Who should listen to this album? Everyone should! You will especially enjoy it if glam/grunge rock, punk psychedelic tunes are your thing but even if they’re not that’s okay because these foot stomping tracks are punk enough for the punks and universal enough for ever”

"Weekend Highlights 8/26-8/28: Bricktown's School of Rock, ACM@UCO, presents a Back to School Outdoor Concert at 6 p.m. on Friday with psychedelic folk rock band BeThisBell and many more."

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