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"Because not every band from Akron sounds like the Black Keys. Some, in fact, sound like a female-led Decemberists."

“Bethesda interview and feature article on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum!”

"Upon first setting eyes on Bethesda’s packaging for their new EP, Dreamtiger & Other Tails, you know that this is going to be a playful collection of songs. The EP with its illustrated booklet are fitting first impressions for Dreamtiger‘s storybook concept. And, despite the jaunty tunes, like a lot of good children’s tales, Bethesda’s tracks aren’t about unicorns, rainbows and fairies, but they’re a bit on the darker side. And, although every song on the album are musically and lyrically delightful, “Dreamtiger” stands out because it’s the track that best showcases lead vocalist, Shanna Delaney’s voice. But, it’s the melancholy melody, cello and harmony in the troubled “Homage” I’m drawn to the most."

"...if you see an EP reviewed here you know it's something that really stands out. The folks in Bethesda are obviously off and running with their career. Though the band has only been around a short time their music is already being played on over 200 radio stations around the country and they're slated to appear in a multitude of cable shows. Not hard to see why the music is being instantly embraced. The five songs on Dreamtiger & Other Tails are fresh and feature some truly great crystal clear female vocals. The band is comprised of Shanna Delaney (vocals, percussion), Eric Ling (guitar, vocals), Jesse Sloan (guitar, vocals, keyboards, banjo), Dan Corby (bass), and Justin Rife (drums, percussion). Exceptional sleeve design and artwork on this one. You can expect to see and hear a lot about this band in the very near future...

"Dreamtiger & Other Tails is the latest offering from indie-folk quintet Bethesda, the Kent / Akron OH. band’s EP is rich mix of sound textures bound together by the soaring opera-esque vocals of Shanna Delaney, combine this with thoughtful engaging lyrics and you have an intriguing set of songs that marks them down as one to watch and should set you down the path of checking out their other releases the 2008 self-titled EP and the 2010 debut full-length Love in a Time of Tra La La - here’s the links and their excellent video for Dreamtiger."

"The Greater Cleveland, OH band Bethesda is known for their blending of sounds and styles in their music. Part folk, part indie, part pop, Bethesda takes these genres and blends them together to create a sound that is modern, retro, artsy, and altogether beautiful all at once...The unusual instruments of bells, horns and violin used by the band help create a sound that is very unique and creative. And then, there are Shanna Delaney’s vocals: She has a voice that sounds like it came from a time gone by. Her voice could easily remind you of female vocalists who would have recorded with bands and band leaders back in the Big Band era. The clear quality of Delaney’s voice really helps enforce the power of the lyrics to the band’s songs. Together with Delaney’s voice, the band’s sound is definitely like nothing you’ve come across before."


“Bethesda named #1 local band for Akron-Canton!”

“The Ohio band's latest EP...is a lively foray into the ethereal. The varied instrumentation and delightfully curious orchestration are bound by a talent for colorful narrative...The result is an engaging 20-plus minutes of storytelling, pensive lullabies for adults.Vocalist Shanna Delaney carries each tune with a commanding presence that often sings more to Broadway than Beachland Ballroom – fitting as her performance tends to steal the show. Her dulcet tones are dynamic, leading – not adapting to – the music swirling around her. While comparisons to the twee drawl of Zooey Deschanel or Jenny Lewis are not without merit, her delivery has more in common with sometimes sultry, usually enigmatic, rarely imitative authenticity of Gillian Welch and Neko Case...The whole package emanates with seemingly effortless aplomb, further lulling listeners into a contemplative submission.”

“Bethesda is not the kind of band that garners an easy label. Hailing from Kent (in spite of the name), the recording artists embody a sound unlike other artists in the Northeast Ohio music scene. Their latest EP, “Dreamtiger & Other Tails,” is a refreshing aural experience in an otherwise lackluster year of releases thus far. Led by vocalist Shanna Delaney, Bethesda’s release takes on a sound akin to Zooey Deschanel’s She and Him, then runs with it in an entirely different musical direction. A robust and often powerful array of instrumentations comes blossoming from the speakers. ”

"Bethesda find their voice on a new EP"

“Bethesda combines indie rock and healing lyrics...”

"...their baroque sound and dreamy lyrics could make anyone swoon."

"...Fronted by the able-voiced Shanna Delaney, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s a band performing behind her. Understanding each player’s abilities, Bethesda works out a musical fence-sitting act between straight pop and more serious art musics."

The Independent (Cleveland, Ohio) - The Independent

"...Obviously talented musicians, Bethesda show off by creating songs that are devoid of erroneous fluff while being stuffed with different genre quirks. Imagine a 80’s movie montage of She & Him, The Smiths, The Descemberists, The Anniversary and Good Old War playing kick ball. They’re kind of like that."

“Bethesda – Love in a Time of Tra La La is a collection of ten well crafted songs beautifully played and presented. From the catchy Burn These Ships through the driving Puzzles, the reflective The Otherwise Unremarkable Case of… - these three opening songs set the listener up for a journey glimpsing the lives of this talented band. And there are some wonderful surprises in store – such as the use of glockenspiel and trumpet on The Prime Directive. I have yet to see them live – but my suspicion is that they are even better in that setting."”