be the moon / Press

“These excellent folk rock troubadours are brilliant at bringing out the music with groove and rocking charm!”

“There's a guys named Elliott Humphries who has a band called be the moon...and he's a wonderful songwriter”

“(About "Am I Unstable?") Elliott Humphries has brought a long-lost Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown song back to life...("Am I Unstable?") is polished...really great...”

"...here’s something even more ambitious in its own way..."

"There is no doubt that the band appreciates their fans and first-time listeners of their music. And there is no disputing that the band’s new release, "Streetlight Views", is well worth a deep, extensive listen."

"...a sound that is rather unforgettable. Mixing Americana with Folk-Rock, the band offered up poignant, heartfelt and occasionally witty songs. To be sure, the band’s original works reflect their love for making significant music that is relevant to the times."

“...they want to create something sincere while still being unique.”

"...live performance is where the group really excels...they want to get the audience pumped and excited, want to feed off the energy of the crowd.

“Songwriter Elliott Humphries might've just been seeking a simple rhyme in "Scenes From a Parking Lot" when he paired "The future's brighter than we thought" with "Happiness cannot be bought," but I can't help thinking he's hit upon a very real message for these times.”

“(Commentary on "Scenes From A Parking Lot") - "Really intriguing turn of melody when it goes from the verse to the chorus, further colored by that little guitar figure with a really nice tone. Good singing too. Nice work."”

Peter Blackstock - Independent Weekly