Beth Browne / Press

“This is a review from the Netherlands...”

““Beth Browne is this week's (3/23/09)featured songwriter is an artist who packs a strong vocal punch and with a fine new CD out called "In Your Arms". Read more about Beth in a recent blog post in "Wendy V's Nashville Blend" (go to wendyv.com & click on the link for Wendy V's Nashville Blend)””

"Beth played a solid set at the Fillin Station with" "Whether she was doing covers ("Break Down Here", "Ain't No Sunshine") or material from her fine new country/bluesy CD "In Your Arms", her powerful, emotive voice brought a rousing reception from the crowd."

"Beth is a very talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, entertainer. Her vocals are hot, torchy, sweet, soft, steamy, powerful, edgy...I think I'll call it "Scorchy". Dynamic! On stage, she's magnetic!" Geo On The Radio Nashville Radio Host

“....."Beth is a powerhouse vocalist (and congrats to her for having songs recently chosen for a movie)"...... ”

“…..“While filming my latest feature film, "Junkyard Dog," on location in Fairview, Tennessee, I heard the incredible music of Beth Browne one Friday night at Binkley's Music Hall. I was so impressed with her songs and her voice”…… ****Read the full statement in my blog****”

Kim Bass (Writer-Director)

"Beth's talent is revealed through her intriguing lyrics and her heartfelt vocals."

Deanna Shapiro - CEO/In The Light Entertainment... Los Angeles

“In a city that is well known for it's musical talent, Beth Browne has surfaced to the top as a true rising star. Her vocal styling is fresh and new as she weaves in and out of each masterfully written song. Beth gets a five-star rating in my book and those aren't lightly handed out. ”

Gary Hays - Songwriters Anonymous..Hays Entertainment