Beth Bombara / Press

“I'm glad the rest of the world can start to discover Beth Bombara, and multi-instrumentalists Kit and JJ Hamon. Beth's vocals, melody and songcraft hit a new peak and the ideas and arrangements enhance this new batch of songs to perfection. One of St. Louis' favorite indie-folk artists has possibly upstaged herself. If you haven't heard Beth before, this is a fine place to start.”

Nick Acquisto, Music Director - 88.1 KDHX

“A sweetly engaging EP that goes by faster than you'll notice, but full of great singles, each one you could get lost in. All buoyed by Beth's smokey voice, a perfect compliment to these tunes, each with new embellishments - trumpets, pedal steel and the like - that colour their surroundings just so.”

“Homegrown singer Beth Bombara pulled the ripcord on the show. She's been working her magic for several years, and she's grown a lot as an artist. After her first few songs, some might wonder why she wasn't billed higher in the lineup. It can be a brave thing accepting the opening slot, especially when you're making music as good as she is. But Bombara is in it for the long game. The music is Americana gold, a more Midwestern version of Hurray for the Riff Raff, with less of a graveyard, NOLA feel. The music is haunted and ethereal without being see-through. Bombara is clearly one of the harder-working singer-songwriters on the local scene, with her folk-infused harmonies and semi-smokey voice, that recalls a rootsy Diana Krall on the lone prairie. The girl is on track to sell out the Peabody one day. You heard it here first.”

“Her music is like a quilt where the seams are almost as beautiful as the squares. She has made both an art and craft of stitching together a variety of influences and concerns. At times, her music makes room for all the light and dark of a New Orleans funeral parade; at others, it takes on a tuneful British Invasion jangle. In the spaces between, she mines new resonance from tried-and-true forms such as folk, country, blues and rock. The grace and soul of Bombara’s voice earned her the 2012 Riverfront Times Music Award for Best Singer-Songwriter; this year, she is nominated in the Americana category.”

“Her impressively fractured blend of blues, folk and country stylings feels instantly familiar yet becomes increasingly unique and insular as it unfolds before your eyes and ears. On her most recent release, the six-track "Raise Your Flag" EP, she found a creative balance between her varied and numerous influences and her routine habit of jumping genres, even within the same song. Drawing upon artists such as Gillian Welch and Neko Case for further inspiration, Bombara inhabits a vast expanse of blues-influenced rhythms and sparse folk instrumentation—not to mention a healthy dose of bucolic country attitude.”

“Amazing melodies, harmonies, and powerfully captivating lyrics...This EP has everything you could possibly want if you are a fan of anything Acoustic, Folk, Blues, or Jazz. Beth has not just raised the bar – she threw it out the window. I can’t wait to hear what’s next!”

“While "Raise Your Flag" is a relatively brief musical statement, it's long on soul and substance. Bombara reminds listeners that she is at the head of the class of St. Louis tunesmiths — and those dwelling in the Midwest, for that matter.”

"She's dedicated to writing songs with texture and tension...her newest solo EP, Raise Your Flag, has sparkle and surprising indie-pop savvy."

"Her album "Wish I Were You" is a mature effort that highlights her honest voice, earnest songwriting, and intimate performance. This full-length shows Beth to be an extemely versatile artist who can ably handle blues, country, rock, and folk songs."

"There are a handful of folks who might compete for the crown of best songwriter in Indie Music. I don't know if she'd win or not, but Bombara definitely deserves to be in the conversation."

Wildy's World

“She's got the right amount of warble and twang to make her indie folk rock soulful and inviting.”

“'Wish I Were You' culls the best attributes of earlier releases and amplifies the strains of genteel country-rock and pensive, wizened balladry..... This sweet spot between bare-bones folk and low-slung rock offers Bombara her most fertile ground and provides several standout moments.”

“The songs on this album (Wish I Were You) are a blend of folk, alt-country, and indie-rock that sounds equally fitting alongside Hank Williams, Sr. and Neil Young as it does Neko Case and the Breeders.”