Beryl Court / Press

“THE INTERVIEW Daniel/HRM: Please introduce yourself and tell me if you drew a lot of rainbows or stick men when you were a kid. Tristan Bugenis: I remember drawing a lot of stick men, but I don’t recall drawing many rainbows. My grandmother is an artist so she had us drawing shapes with shadows and other color nuances at a relatively young age. I did a lot of swords and daggers dripping blood. Daniel/HRM: I guess by now you know I love those odd questions. But let’s get into image. You have a good look, easily enough. How important do you believe a “look” is in the music business? See Hip Rock Magazine Blog for the answer to this and other questions...”

“This front man isn't just a pretty face. Energetic, poetic and a great batch of tunes, Beryl Court is worthy of a click!”

"Songs like “Reality” could’ve been on the soundtrack to the generation x classic “Reality Bites,” and not only because of the fitting title but the alternative rock presence."

“Exclusive Interview *Digging that shit*”