BerserkerfoX / Press

“New World Murder is an EP that really needs to be experienced to properly understand the band's vision. Once listened to, audiences will understand that this EP is pure destruction in audio format. A true self-destruction that is only further intensified by the band's lyrical panoply of a sick, damaged and corrupted world. New World Murder will not let you rest until it devours you whole.”

“As I said before, I get strong Dark Tranquillity vibes of this, which make me think that I wouldn’t be the only one in Europe to like this! Unlike, for example Parkway Drive, this is really European-like metal (and with European-like, I mean Gothenburg!). So all you guys out there, loving Dark Tranquillity, (early) In Flames, At the gates and so on, give these guys a chance! Think you will like it!”

“There is no doubting that this release is going to be a huge hit with fans of the genre, and is likely to open up some exciting times for the guys. If you are a fan of your technical death metal, make sure you pick up a copy of this EP and start working on banging your head!”

“BerserkerfoX Release EP - Aussie death metallers BerserkerfoX released their New World Murder EP this week through Norway's Ovis Records. It starts with an ominous acoustic intro before Inviare De Vedas kicks in, and doesn't let up. Seriously. It fucking doesn't let up. Killer guitar work – it's hard to make harmonies that sound foreboding and dark instead of pretty and skippy – edge-of-insanity vocals, ridiculous blast beats – punchy production – it's four tracks of deathy death of the deathiest variety.”

“Aussie metallers BerserkerfoX release a new EP, New World Murder (love the title) on March 11. A single called Digging Your Own Grave is available now and it's kickass – screamed vocals, low-ass guitars, huge Iron Maiden-type guitar harmonies, and more tempo shifts than an Iggor Cavalera fever dream before kicking into an atmospheric, creepy, partly-acoustic breakdown that almost reminds me of Alice In Chains at their most wrist-slashingest.”

“It’s not too often you come across bands that are as productive as these guys, when you do, the bands usually gets over productive and worn out. That is not the case with BerserkerfoX...”

“From the cool album art, to the focused and tight song writing, BerserkerfoX has put their stamp on the melodic death metal brand. 3/5 ”

“The EP consists of only three songs, and I'm already looking forward to hearing more from this gang. Make note of the name "BerserkerfoX"! - 8/10”

“In all honesty, when I first saw the title of this EP, I was expecting a quirky upbeat thrash rendition of something resembling Municipal Waste or Anthrax. No surprise I was completely wrong on that theory and was blown away with what I actually heard.”

“Berserkerfox use dynamics well and the guitar-playing is a stand-out! The forthcoming album promises to be something worth checking out.”

“BerserkerfoX’s style and sound comes across as not only unique, but upbeat and catchy as well. It's definitely a winning combination and is a promising sign for the future of the band”

“There's a tenacious spunk in their step that makes this three-track tease a worthy flirtation for melodic death fiends...and melodic death fiends only”

“BerserkerfoX seems to be on the right track. With the right amount of exposure, a solid amount of touring and a dedicated record label, this band could become a big name within the Australian metal scene - so my advice is to keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled.”

“I'd like to see where this band is going. The talent is there, they have great song ideas, and it can only get better from this debut EP”

“For a promo - this is great work. The sound can be best described as some sort of Melodic Death Metal, played in their own unique way.”

“Even though they're only sporting a pack of unmixed demos and things thus far, BerserkerfoX are definitely onto a winning bludgeon of blunt-edged metal and promising ferocity.”

“A fiery masala of raucous and catchy melodic death metal licks melded with piledriving thrash rhythms from Australia. Berserkerfox might not look scene but they will kick your arse.”