Benyaro / Press

“If you're a fan of The Band or their modern-day counterparts The Avett Brothers, there's a good chance you'll take a shine to "Good Day Better"... Musser at times recalls David Bowie”

“Indie acoustic soul power. The group's soulful, honest songs explore such diverse styles as beat box sounds, "acoustic disco house," blues, soul and folk.”

"Big sound, power duo..."

“Minimalistic acoustic musings and interesting songwriting... More soulful than most acoustic singer-songwriters and more thoughtfully careful than indie-folk rockers, Benyaro occupy a unique and pleasing genre all their own.”

“Benyaro features guitar, harmonica and drum playing, whaling vocalist Ben Musser and upright bassist Bobby McCullough. Together, just these two alone are able to gloriously fill an entire room full of warm, beautiful sound. Each song these guys perform has a soul to it that resonates all around the room — any spectator simply can’t help but give undivided attention. No joke.”

"An unsigned band with a self-released album that’s cracked national charts? That's something...a sweet, soulful sound."

"Indie acoustic soul."

Dale Bridges - Boulder Weekly

"Musser, McCullough and Chamberlin deliver the folk gospel according to Benyaro, a crunchy granola, campfire hoot of a sound endowed with warm tunes and tight harmonies, launching instant sing-alongs. As their new album promises, makes a "Good Day Better.""

"Thoughtful acoustic music...Musser’s voice is a strange amalgamation of Cat Stevens and Axl Rose, all quivery and emotive and gravely at once...[Musser's] throaty tenor dives right into the pseudo-scream without sacrificing a bit of clarity."

"Soulful acoustic phenomenon..."

Amy Matzke - music writer - The Roanoke Times

“Brooklyn’s acoustic folk quartet Benyaro returns with Good Day Better, a strong collection of upbeat rootsy tunes. Ben Musser and Meg Chamberlin’s vocals drive the album forward behind a steady mix of some acoustic folk, blues and country influences. “Call off Forever” best demonstrates Benyaro’s blissful strumming and singing as Chamberlin sings, “Try to find yourself some soul brother / get on down and be someone”.”

"The album emanates a striking, authentic grace. Badass songs like the title track and "Dogs" make me feel like doing brave things... You can hear in his voice the same soulful, raspy confidence that makes [Malcolm] Holcombe so appealing."

"Benyaro's new album "Good Day Better" has the ability to do just that: put it on your car stereo, turn up the volume, roll down your windows, and it'll turn a mediocre day good, and a good day better. The band has that rare combination of comfy roots and fresh lyrics that make you want to listen closer. For an added treat, Benyaro's signature sound and strong vocals blend seamlessly with subtle shades of Doobie Brothers, Neil Young, and Alison Krauss."

David Ford - "Triad Arts Up Close" host - WFDD 88.5 FM - Winston-Salem, NC

"Acoustic soul-pop and folk come to mind on Benyaro’s energetic sophomore release, Good Day Better, which displays Musser’s unabashed, emotive vocal flights and a strong chemistry with Bobby McCullough"

"Sounds like early-period acoustic David Bowie but with an Americana twang."

"Relaxed, peaceful, and largely acoustic, Benyaro sounds to be born less out of the smoggy subways and more out of the Smoky Mountains."

Ryan Muldoon - Richmond Times-Dispatch

"An incredibly warm album, enveloping the listener in nostalgic reminiscense, like everything that made early Tom Waits so good. Inflections of '60s country-rock, trip-hop, and broken-beat minimal techno combine in surprising ways."

Robert Parker - music director - KBGA 89.9 FM - Missoula, MT

"The upcoming studio album from this Brooklyn-based acoustic folk/rock/Americana act invites comparisons to the glory days of CSN&Y (mainly due to their heavenly vocal harmonies...)"

Jim Reed - Connect Savannah

"The not-so-secret weapon is the voice of multi-instrumentalist Ben Musser.....Musser sounds akin to a young Cat Stevens."

Rick de Yampert - The Daytona Beach News-Journal

““His (Ben’s) amazing voice is the calling card of Benyaro …acoustic roots/folk songs with much feel, soul and emotion…a comparison to Ray Lamontagne comes to mind…splendid album.””

"New York City's Benyaro play the kind of introspective, deeply emotional acoustic music that fans of the form should swoon over. The harmonies are crystalline, the playing flawless, and the songs tight. In short it's an impeccable recording."