Benson Klemme / Press

“You guys ROCKED Brat Days! I worked by the stage all weekend and you guys were definitely one of the better acts. Well done!”

Kevin Kozak - backstage worker

“An EXTREMELY REFRESHING original musical smile. Keep up the outstanding work....Cheers”

J.T. Awesome Tattooz - fan

“You guys got a couple of great hits on your hands.”

1st Degree - band

“Show at EBCO was incredible.To see so much talent in a causal setting is greater than any staged concert. Can't wait to see and hear you soon.”

Thomas J. Thompson - fan

"How many famous people do you know that came out of Sheboygan? BENSON KLEMME is gonna be that band. You guys are gonna be HUGE!"

Ben Olson - WXER 104.5 The Point

"You should give yourself a HUGE pat on the back 'cause you ARE one of the catchiest bands here on Myspace."

Mike McGinty - Radio Camelot, Yeovil, United Kingdom

““Very, very talented. They’ve got everything it takes to make it in this business. They’ve got a very marketable sound, they’re very professional people.” ”

"Awesome vocals. Original lyrics and songs. Videos produced on a shoestring budget. An enormous amount of musical talent."

Gina Kabat - Tri-County News