Ben Sey / Press

"Smooth and pleasant.....nice!"

D.D. Bain, Country music artist from Cartersville, GA.

"Keep up the great music!"

10 Miles of Blue, Alternative band from Alpharetta, GA.

"Nice Music"

Tony Dizant, Pop artist from Harvey, LA.

"All to you....very nice..glad we are connected"

Dawn Neptune, Christian music artist from Saint Joseph, MO.

"Totally set free, Lovely sounds my dude!"

Y.B.S., Christian Hip-Hop artist from Salem, OR, USA.

"Hello and great to hear your unique music - awesome .. i am your newest fan."

Daydreams4rock, Rock music artist from Sydney, Australia.

"Real feel good sound. Great work."

Wild & Welsh, Rock band from Goole, UK.

"Awesome work :-)"

B~Unique, Singer songwriter from Bogart, GA, USA.

"I will run to you, good tune. Enjoy your musical journey."

The Twelve Crucifixes, Singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, OH.

"Keep up the good sound, With love and peace,"

Heidi Pronk, Singer Songwriter from Den Helder, NL.

"Yo See ur doing ur thing keep pushin 2013!!!"

Big Chris, R&B artist from London, UK.

"Really enjoying the tunes! Great music!"

Jeannette Petkau, Christian artist from Langley, BC.

"Feeling your music."

S.K. Elite, Hip-Hop group from Lansing, MI.

"Good sound, I enjoyed listening."

Dennis Hull, Singer-Songwriter from Brantford, Ontario.


Audiodidacts, Hip-Hop artists from Saint Paul, MN.

"Enjoying that smooth sound of 'Totally Set Free (State of Denial)'. Very nice vocals and piano accompaniment with the strings."

The Pizza Kings, Rock Band from Vancouver, BC.

"Nice music! keep it up."

Ready to Start, Punk music band from Cleveland, OH.

"Checked out your video, great song and perfect inspiration for me and my faith."

Benjamin Instrumental, Instrumental/Hip-Hop artist from Lebanon, PA.

"Great to see u spreading the word."

Malachi Fyrestar, Hip-Hop artist from Cleveland, OH.

" I love your music and am a fan now."

Korie Anne, Pop artist from Sacramento, CA.

"Absolutely splendid....Played all your songs... they are awesome, heart touching Brilliant. Your music is inspiration to others."

Naaz, rock band from Srinagar, India.


Mandech, Hip Hop artist from Nairobi, Kenya.

"Good stuff, I dig it."

Zack Phillips, Christian rock artist from Nashville, TN.

"Hi! Nice work! Good sound! I like it a lot!"

Vadim Mikhailov, Electronica/Jazz artist from Moscow, Russia.

"Great sound! Love Totally Set Free!"

Pop/R&B artist from Toronto, Canada.

"Hey love the tracks, Keep up the good work!"

GreatMindsInside, Metal band from Draper, UT.

"Cool tracks and playing"

BadgStatic, Rock artist from West Chester, PA.

"Hey love the tracks, Keep up the good work!"

GreatMindsInside, Metal band from Draper, UT.


Michael .T. Heininger, Producer and Jazz musician.

"Your music is great!!"

Fikrau, Reverbnation Fan.

"Ayy what's up, I'm really feelin ya music, ya really doing it."

Keeff Breeze, Hip Hop artist from Kingston, PA.

"Excellent Music, Great Work."

FREQUENCY, Pop music band from Ponorogo, Indonesia.


Donyray, Christian Rock artist from Suffolk, VA.

"cool sounds!"

Dani Mkd, Experimental music artist from Jakarta, ID.

"Great tracks and vocals. Following you on twitter."

Robert Machado, Rock music artist from Atlanta, GA.

"Excellent music!"

Steven Frank Mramor, Folk music artist from Euclid, OH.

"All To You" is beautiful man...All the best :)

Binary DNA, Electronic music group from Wakefield, UK.

"Beautifully orchestrated songs, thank you for sharing your music with the world"

Sean L Morris, Jazz Musician

"I've just heard your song "I Will Run" and I've added it to our stations rotation. Great song and lyrics!"

Kevin K, Music Director, VOAR Christian Family Radio, Newfoundland.

"keep it up family.... keep it up"

Don Floss, Christian/positive hip-hop band from Los Angeles

"Very much enjoyed listening to the tracks!! Much success on RN and beyond!"

Peace Ride, Rock band from Bulgaria


Mr. Cashews, Hip Hop artist from Ottawa, ON

"Love your style!! And congrats on your number one ranking!"

Orbia H., Florida, US

"Excellent. "

Xenophanes Productions, Alternative band from Hamburg, Germany

"GREAT, simply great, and humbled. No doubt the Lord is in your music. Congrats."

Martin Valverde, Christian artist from Guadalajara, Mexico.

"what lovely, soft and beautiful music. You are communicating a great message in a poignant style."

Leanne Felzien, Christian artiste from Idaho, US.

"I will run to you track is beautiful Ben, nice work..you have the right gospel voice to the song, well done"

Dj B-Strap, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Quality music...Keep on delivering coolness!Our best wishes..."

Impuria, Alternative Rock artist, Los Angeles.

"Lovin' your tracks! ITS DOPE!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! CHEERS!!!"

Mr. Cashews, Hip Hop artist from Ottawa, ON.

"Enjoying your music, very inspirational."

AyeDren, Hip-Hop artist from Jacksonville, FL

"Your tracks + Your site = GREAT TIME."

Pat Branch, Bass Player/Songwriter from NY, NY.

"Cheers, Ben, all the best from here in cold old Scotland. Playing "I Will Run To You" right now."

The Skunnered, Celtic/Folk band from Glasgow, Scotland.

"Wuhh .. sounds really good .. wonderful voice!"

Inleni, Country music band from Aarhus, Denmark.

"Excellent composition and production."

Diavoloops, Electronica musician from Quebec City, QC.

"Love your music, it's really inspiring!!"

The Resurrected, Rock band from NY, NY.

"Thanks to Ben Sey for the music today at the cafe!"

Irish Roots Cafe, Kansas City, MO.

"All To You - Absolutely splendid. What warmth and gracefulness, You are truly blessed and with a voice like that many can feel the radiance of the Heavens. You know the truth and it has set you free. GOD BLESS."

Greg Ashton Haze, Rock artist from Charlotte, NC.

"Very touching song. I love your Voice."

Asia Nicole, R&B artist from Alpharetta, GA.

"Beautiful Voice!!!!!! "

Joeleen, Pop artist from London, UK.

"I enjoyed listening to I Will Run To You. Music to worship to. I like your style & sound. Keep reppin the kingdom. God bless."

Chosen The Disciple, Gospel Hip-Hop artist from Long Beach, CA.

"Beautiful music and sound! I love it!"

P.M.System, Alternative music band from Budapest, Hungary.

"Outstanding sound. Great voice. Lots of luck, I am a big fan Ben!!"

Jeff London, Singer Songwriter from Newton, PA.

"Lovely music here."

Suzanne Cook, Alternative music artist from London, UK.

"Your great boss! More power! You rule!"

Roses For Grace, Christian Metal band from San Jose del Monte, Philippines.

"Brilliant vocals with a cool message BEING HERE SUPERB!!!"

Big Fat Cat Ugly Bat, DJ from Colchester, UK.

"Brilliant stuff here. Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work."

VueJaDay, R&B group from Bolingbrook, IL

"Good Music!"

Lecold, Hip-Hop artist from New York, NY.

"I just love listening to I Need You...beautiful work Ben. Happy to be a new fan!"

JC & Laney, Folk band from Tempe, AZ.


Daniel J Johnson Jr., Owner/President at Tear Drop Records.

"Wow... fantastic music here, really enjoyed it!"

Red Dust Calling, Alternative music band from London, UK.

"Great Music and a Fantastic voice!"

Right On Side, Pop music artist from Chichester, UK.

"Great voice and very professional sounding tracks."

Paul Baggot, Singer Songwriter from Dudley UK.

"Nice song concepts"

Circus Liberty, Hip Hop artist from New York, NY.

"Great arrangements and great musicianship! Your tunes are definitely some of the best I've heard."

Vic Dillahay, Instrumental/Jazz musician from Fort Collins, CO.

"woow! was not expecting such amazing music! that sax is absolutly amazing in that first track..props "

New Profession, Hip Hop artist from Denver, CO.

"I Need You, great track Ben."

The Fabulous Del Counts, Singer Songwriter from Minneapolis, MN.

"Great tracks, vocals and musicianship, Ben."

The Fabulous Del Counts, Singer Songwriter from Minneapolis, MN.

"What a voice! Just gorgeous! Beautiful music"

Bree-Arne Chamley, Folk music artis from Geelong, Australia.

"Beautiful lyrics, soothing voice and peaceful music!"

David Wayne Tinch, Goodlettsville, TN.

"Hello Ben! Incredible vocals and music and voice!"

Vadim Azarkh, R&B artist from London, UK.

"I’m a composer and pianist from Ukraine, impressed with your music and your performance."

Serge Grimalsky, Classical pianist and composer from Kiev, Ukraine.

"amazing voice, great style of music..."

Modis Chrisha, Electronic music artist from Neu-Ulm, Germany.

"Keep it live and blue, nice vibe."

Souled Out Blues, R&B/Soul band from Edinburgh, UK.

"Great sounds!"

F.A.L.A. Nation, Hip Hop group from Houston, TX.

"Hi there Ben, Beautiful music. Love your feel and grroove:) Enjoying I need you."

Astro Joey, Children's music artist from Collingwood, VIC, Australia.

"Beautiful song!"

Elizabeth Ampong, Christian music artist from Chicago, IL.

"Absolutely gorgeous sound, Ben, so soulful ! God bless."

Monica Dupont, Blues artist from San Francisco, CA.

"Awesome in voice & composition - just love it."

Pyjama Devil, Alternative music artist from Berlin, Germany.

"GREAT MUSIC! Keep up the good work!"

Dani Dante, Pop music artist from New York, NY.


The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, Indie band from Blackburn, UK.

"Fantastic songs!!! I wish you a great week!!"

Maria Taxidou, Classical musician from Heilbronn, Germany.

"Just checked out your excellent track!!!"

Alice Leonz, Jazz musician from Jakarta, Indonesia.