Ben "One Man Band" Prestage / Press

"Ben Prestage knows how to do the one-man band thing without sounding like he's showing off, and he's to be commended for that. While his technical skill is impressive, it never sounds like he's trying to wow the listener; rather, his playing is always in service to the song. One Crow Murder is a fine disc that never settles into a predictable groove, and it's Prestage's most accomplished – and most idiosyncratic – album yet."

"So what led you to ‘One Crow Murder’ the title. That caught my eye immediately. There is a book called ‘An Exaltation of Larks’ by James Lipton wherein he provides us with a reference to all of these ‘nouns of multitudes’. How did you come up with the title? BP: I had always heard that a group of crows is called a murder. That is such a strong word and for it to have another meaning just intrigued me. Now the title of the album came from the song I wrote. A group of crows is a murder and I do everything by myself so I am that group – originally I was thinking of a one wolf pack – it all evolved from there."

"Ben Prestage distills Mississippi Country with Florida Swamp Blues - muddy water meets black water - and he was hailed as "one of the three best unsigned performers in the world” at the 2006 International Blues Challenge. He plays many cigar box guitars (made by John Lowe, also a one man band from Memphis), one of which has guitar and bass strings that are played independently. Ben also plays foot pedals on a drum kit by the heels and toes of both feet. It makes me dizzy to think of all those functions at the same time, but it sure is fascinating to watch."