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“Amazing, such a compassionate person, a performer, a teacher, you give back in so many ways, absolutely an inspiration!”

“Hiring this band for our wedding was the best decision we could've made. Amazing! They played a great mix of different styles, and kept everyone dancing. So much energy! Everyone had a great time. A couple of our musician friends got to come up and sing a couple of songs with them too! Awesome! They got so many compliments afterwards (especially from my aunt who also sings in a cover band). When they finished we didn't want them to leave. Encore! Encore! They're all incredible musicians, professional, and kind. We highly recommend!! Winnie and Louis”

“Benoir, and Mike Carman of the Suffering Blues Band rocked at the festival. The Suffering Blues Band performed "Pride and Joy" with rising star Alexandra Brodsky, 17.”

“Benoir insists: Long Live Long Beach. Long Beach area musician and producer Benoir, who owns and operates Studio Noir, is about to release a new album 11561. The effort includes the new song "Long Live Long Beach" and many of that area's best-known musicians, including Michael Carman, John Condon, and David Weintraub. The new album also features performances by Brendan Moynihan, Kim Kupershmid, Andrew Wolf, Richard Tancredi, and a host of other area musicians. The album, recorded, mixed, and produced by Benoir at Studio Noir, was mastered by Peter Kuperschmid at Soundnet Recording Studios. Benoir has also founded a new website, longlivelongbeach.com which seeks to build public awareness about the devastated beach-front town.”

“The Long Beach All-Stars kicked off Memorial Day weekend at Houser’s in Ocean Beach last night. Covering a variety of Led Zeppelin songs, young and old locals, tourists, and even the staff were rocking out. It was a ton of fun just dancing around, playing darts, and of course, sipping on a zippy. The band and everyone at Houser’s had such a fun, carefree time that it went on into the early hours in the morning. As always, the owners did a great job picking a band to entertain everyone.”

"These guys are great, and should be playing the New Orleans Jazz Festival!"

“The band, headed by a ponytailed guitar player named Benoir, who wore black leather pants and a black cowboy hat, sang a jazzy song in Thompson's honor. "Vote for Bill," went the chorus. "Vote for Bill. Vote for Billllllll."”

“Benoir & the Long Beach All-Stars is led by lead singer Benjamin Alan Metzger a.k.a. Benoir This year's festival also featured a host of musical performances, including Stick-Tet, Country Music with Old & New with Country Line, Benoir & The Long Beach All-Stars and the Long Island Harmonica Club in Concert.”

“Artsy In the Plaza, musician Benoir performed at the Fine Arts Festival”

"Benoir is an incredible performer who knows every musician in the Long Beach scene!"

"his musical influences are wide-ranging, from John Coltrane to Bob Marley to Led Zeppelin. Benoir described his style as blues, rock and reggae, "with a conscious lyrical message about universal love, following your dreams and being aware." "using personal experiences as a muse for his lyrics, Metzger's songs encompass a diversity of topic, including the death of his father when he was three, relationships, 9/11 and current events."

““We want to give people something they can be a part of and learn from,” Mathieson said. “We have an amazing lineup of performers.””

"Benoir, a.k.a. Ben Metzger, an instructor at the alternative night school in Long Beach, led the ensemble of four guitarists, a bassist and drummer, laptop keys and guest vocalists consisting of staff, students and professionals. Jamkestra played three 10-plus minute improv songs. “It had a rock and reggae edge to it, a Miles Davis of the 1970s kind of a thing, or fusion elements,” Metzger said. Accompanying the ensemble was an audio-visual stimulation with live art improv featuring artist Jamie Massa and others."

"Among the performers is Ben Metzger, a member of Jamkestra, an audio/visual band composed of students, staff and friends of the Harriet Eisman Community School, where he is a director. “As a conscious music artist and educator, my songs express messages of peace and positivity,” he said. At last Sunday’s show, Metzger plugged in his acoustic and electric guitars and jammed out a mix of reggae, blues and acoustic originals."

"Benoir and the Long Beach All-Stars rocked out during a benefit concert for Hurrican Sandy victims on Dec. 19"

“When devastation hit the community he calls home, Long Beach-based musician Ben Metzger took matters into his own hand. Alongside “Broadcasting on the Beach with Halftime Howie,” host Howie Appel and friend Steve Vaccaro, Metzger led a series of benefits for the people of Long Beach, collecting food, clothing and monetary donations through his biggest passion -- music. ”

“AM 1240 WGBB. Appel, along with his friends Steve Vaccaro and Long Beach musician Benoir, will host a series of fundraisers called “Be Strong Beach,” in an effort to raise money to put back into the Long Beach community. ”