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“I love the sound effects used on this track right at the beginning....The drum machines beats suit the track very well when they kick in and the hand claps also. i think the rap vocals are a lot easier to hear, and i think that this song has been produced well and could go far! ...”


"No matter wutcha label 'em, u following da Coach..." www.twitter.com/ben_munny

iBenjamin - whoisheTV

“The rythem of the song has a good rapping beat and the lyrics go well with the backing track its an alright song for a rap song if your into that kind of music. It sounds like songs that I have heard on the radio and music channel before so it could make it.”


“After listening to your tracks, I must say that i am very impressed with your Production. The samples are clean and raw at the same time, good work!. My favorite song would have to be (ayworld). The song has a great Vibe and compliments your voice. I'm going to give you Panel rank of 7.15.”

“Certainly one of the better hip hop tracks I've heard on here. Clear vocal, decent music I liked the little high pitched tone you've incorporated into the track - works well.”