Ben Lapps / Press

“Ben Lapps was built for the guitar, if he weren't so young, I'd say it was invented specifically for him.”

Cincinnati CityBeat

"Ben is an exciting young player who's energy and passion for music is refreshing. He's someone to keep an eye on over the coming years!"

Justin King

“His sense of timing, rhythm, speed, and the feel in which he does his art of playing is impeccable.”

Bootsy Collins - Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

“I'm listening to "Reverie" and it's amazing! dude, you're an incredible guitar player, holy cow! that's unbelievable! your technique is perfect, the recording is beautiful, everything is just great! how old are you?! ”

Jack Conte

“He does things on guitar that I have never seen before in my life.”

Michael Carrera - Ohio University School of Music