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"Remember how we were talking about you never know who's out there? There was this guy, his name is Ben Lacy, this guy used to come to ARU shows back in the early 90's. He's a red-headed dude, you know, I'm a red-headed, or I was a red-headed dude before I turned grey, and so I noticed him, I'd see him quite a bit and I would always wave and talk to him at the after shows and stuff, he was really nice. Then one year I went to a NAMM Show, I've only been to 2, and I saw this gathering of people, it was huge, was amazing…sounded like 2 or 3 guys playing together, I went up to the gathering and stuck my head over to see who it was. It was that one guy, Ben Lacy. He was playing by himself and he sounded like 3 people! And it's the same kid that used to come to ARU shows, that guy, he's amazing! But he's doing a lot of things with both hands, he emulates slap bass players on the guitar while he's also playing the melodies at the same time. It's like, ok, where do these people come

"After years in bands ranging from jazz-funk to dance and even metal, Ben began a solo career that has seen him blossom into one of the most original, virtuosic players to ever choose the guitar."

"Ben Lacy has done what few guitarists have done in history. Not just digest the styles of the past. Ben has raised the bar a notch. Maybe two."

Steve Adelson - 20th Century Guitar

"He's been referred to as a multi-tasking machine, jaw-dropper, and show-stopper. In a world with many great guitar players, Lacy takes the term somewhere else. He is truly unique."

Ann Wickstrom - Vintage Guitar Magazine

"As solo guitarists go, Kentucky funkster Ben Lacy is a one-man-groove machine whose pocket is in league with those of Charlie Hunter and Tuck Andress."

101 Forgotten Greats & Unsung Heroes - Guitar Player Magazine

"Ben Lacy is a veritable one-man band unto himself. His spank-guitar tour de force Layercake is one of the funkiest solo guitar pieces ever recorded."

Jude Gold - Guitar Player Magazine

"After opening for Al DiMeola during the Great Midwest Guitar Show in St. Louis, he received two standing ovations. When DiMeola later invited Lacy back to duet a version of Chick Corea's Spain, he joked, 'With Ben's three parts and my part, we should make a pretty good quartet.''

Ann Wickstrom - Vintage Guitar Magazine