Benjie Howard / Press

“These guys are so rad. First of all, they have come through for me when I needed to fill a night on short notice a few times now, and it is much appreciated. Secondly, they are awesome! If you haven't yet heard them sing, you owe it to yourself to throw down your seven bones and get some of this. Gentri and Benjie sing so well together. With tons of original tunes and a couple of covers that you can all sing along to, they will get the party going every single time. Dan Swan and Mike Lanz, formerly of The Ames, as the rhythm section it is going to be totally off the hook. Not only are you going to get a huge dose of awesome music, but it is going to be played by some of the nicest and most genuine people on the planet. Yes, the PLANET. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you don't need to see this show!”

“Really enjoyed your tracks..Going Down & Handsome Devil..great tunes and vocals and guitar work..great sound and well done tunes..”

Mickie Campro - Reverb Nation

“WOW..You are nothing but talent oozing out my speakers..Peace,Bumble.”

Twisted Folk - Reverb Nation

“ Benjie, Great hand on the guitar man. Equally cool vocals and delivery. Love the vibe and brilliant acoustic art here. Your arrangement in Handsome Devil is awesome. ”

Blue Mountain Mule - Reverb Nation

“Benjie Howard and Gentri Watson, two up and coming, talented musicians, singers/songwriters came into our small town of Kanab, Utah last week and treated our community to an evening of enchanting LIVE music. Their songs touched on life, love, romance, and rivers! Together they have a cool vibe that flows along like the ripples of the river, with beautiful harmonies and lyrics that tell their stories… Benjie is one of our very own, a GCEX river guide who is an inspiration and a dear friend to us all. Much of his music is Grand Canyon born and he sure has a way of telling a story. Gentri is a Utah Girl…a sweet tune…who shares the the art of storytelling with her music. She’s a beautiful girl, has a beautifully powerful voice and a spirit to match. Benjie and Gentri are a breath of fresh air…if the opportunity arises to see them live, take it! Their performance will leave you with a smile and a tune that stays with you, where you can just close your eyes and drift downst”

“Benjie Howard is a singer/songwriter who crafts wonderful, heartfelt songs, with a vivid visual quality, songs often naked with personal experiences, and yet songs that don’t feel so personal that the listener has trouble relating.”