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“WOW!! Luv, luv, luv your sound......It's a bad ass combo of Hendrix, Skynyrd, Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen. The most epic sound ever and awesome lyrics.”

“absolutely brilliant playing on these tracks bro..in particular, I really like the drum sound you've got..it works a treat on both The Philosopher tunes..and that playing for "Lestat" is just spellbinding..what an incredible musician you are to be able to do all this yourself..Awesome!!”

“Just interviewed Benjamin Schultz who has played with and toured with Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Led Zeppelin, etc. He really goes into the mindset of creating "Real" music. When I post this all my musician friends should really check it out. I am pretty proud to have interviewed a musician of this caliber. I mean his whole life has been involved in music. He opened for the Allman Brothers with his band when he was 17. That tells you a little bit right there.”

“Sexy playing. i don't know anyone on RN that I think has a better sound guitar wise than you. Awesome ”

“The man...... the myth..... THE LEGEND....!!!!!!! ”

“really fantastic sound (Barstow Walking ) sounds like it should be in a movie scene. could not help but listen!”

"Move over Hendrix" Ben Schultz Band - TriAlity A fast, finger-tickling classical flourish erupts into an in-your face rock electric blast reminiscent of Jeff Beck. The guitarist is Ben Schultz.The title of the album is Triality. This is some great stuff, but what would you expect? Ben was an apprentice of both Jimi Hendrix and B.B.King. "The RosaQueen" is a wicked blues number with an out-of-it feel to it. The guitar grinds and then hangs. The vocals are almost distorted beyond recognition, but the feeling the sound leaves you with seems right, "YouGotMeFloating" is another classic. It's a Hendrix original with the style of an acid trip. My favorite song no this CD is the last cut. ThePhilosopher". Its as if B.B.King, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck had a three way wreck (which I participated in recently) The lyrics on this CD are weak, but if you like creative guitar work, this is for you.

Jim Clark... Laid Back Sales Manager . - Burrell's

"One Night in Cleveland"...Good Songwriting a priority rather than just waffling on his six string for an hour"

"He can shift seamlessly from one generation to the next" "...Schultz has been clearly paying attention..."

Per Hoffman - Guitar World

"Wow! Listened to a few pieces...what a true artist with the guitar!!!"

“The tune sounds awesome, great playing and tone. I hope the RMX is finally up and running for you. ”

Paul J. de Benedictis - Spectrasonics

“ 1992 | Schultz, Ben - TriAlity 1992 | Parton, Dolly - Straight talk 1992 | Powell, Cozy - The drums are back 1992 | Soundtrack - Straight talk 1992 | Soundtrack - Olivier Olivier1”

“Excellent work. Blues with space.”

Xenophanes Productions - Reverbnation Artists

“I was listening to KSHE Klassics show yesterday, and although I've heard it before I couldn't remember who the band was. When the solo started I was pretty sure it was Trower post Dewar era. I was surprised when Pipedream was given credit. I really wasn't aware of them prevously, and I should've been. I was in my Senior year of H.S. when this came out. Graduated in 80. Thanx for posting it, I think this is a beautiful piece of music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vltgvwQp7RA&feature=related”

“thanks for taking the time too actually listen to my music. its greatly appreicated. you have a deep and unique sound that the world needs”

“Yo Ben, Damn your tracks sound awesome !!! You have some really heavy player working with you I see...Amazing work my brother !!!...oz Dec 22”

Otto Zone - Reverbnation Commets

““Benjamin is extremely talented, professional, great to be around... an all around asset to any project!” January 16, 2012 1st Tony Franklin, Self motivated Rocking Bassist, Tony Franklin was with another company when working with Benjamin at Studio, Touring, Performing Musician”

Tony Franklin - Linkedin

"You Ben - You are one bad A** musical prodigy!"

Philip Ak Brown - Facebook

"I don't want to hear it, I want to feel it" ..........(said to me while recording a guitar solo on More Miles Per Gallon)

Buddy Miles - Billboard... Cashbox...some mag interview he did re: producing