Beneath / Press

“(Best Metal/Hard Rock Act) Tulsa's metal scene may be boiling below the surface of many readers' awareness, but it's thriving nonetheless and this year's nominees included a few stalwarts of the local scene. We have a new winner, however, as Beneath breathes some fresh life into the scene with its infusion of classic and modern metal to take home the award for Best Metal/Hard Rock. (Newcomer of The Year) In a year that brought us a handful of great new artists to capture our ears and imaginations, we've got another surprise in this category. Beneath may have initially formed in 2004, but member changes and its continual evolution have brought it to the point where it is finally capturing Tulsa's attention as it reinvigorates the local metal scene, leading out voters to name the band the 2012 Newcomer of the Year.”

“It's unfortunate that we don't see many pure rock/metal bands like Beneath anymore. For long-time fans of the band and those of you who are just now discovering them, enjoy this exclusive, FREE download of the song "Defy The Idea." Enjoy, share and "like"!”

“Beneath took to the ‘Hard Rock’ stage around 4:00pm on Friday (05-25-12) Kicking off this year’s mega three day, three stage live music festival Rocklahoma 2012 They set the standard and pace for every band that would come after them by striking first and hitting it hard. Described as a heavy hitting melodic metal band Beneath hail from Tulsa, OK. and have been a part of the scene since early 2005 with their unique brand of what they like to call “Baby Makin’ Metal”. Check out their official Facebook page for details, tour dates, music and merch!”

“I didn’t really know what to expect from Beneath when I first hit play on their tracks, but if I’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised. The band have taken influence from their peers to create a sound which somehow sounds familiar, yet also unique and new, it’s a clever achievement for sure. Is the music here ground breaking, probably not, but at the same time my question would be whether it needs to be! What the guys in Beneath have done is take an existing genre, make it their own and do it damned well – which is why I think they stand such a good chance moving forwards. Definitely one to look out for if you’re in the US, and one we need to get over here in the UK sometime!”

“The four tracks on this EP are very strong, and all of them are characterized by both a strong sense of melody and an appealing drive. I especially enjoy extensive use of imbedded melody in the guitar riffs, as wells as the use of melodic guitar harmonies - which is something the Beneath excel at. These melodic elements go well together with the more aggressive elements from thrash metal and metalcore, resulting in some fairly well balanced songs. Strength of the EP is the use of more rock and old school metal oriented riffage, which Beneath have managed to blend seamlessly in with the metalcore and thrash elements. The production is crisp and very professional and manages to bring all the interesting musical details out into the open, thus showcasing the admirable musicianship of the band. Fans of the likes of Killswitch Engage and Nothing Divine should check out this fine melodic metalcore release. - Time Signature - Metal Music Archives”