Ben Bohorquez / Press

“The Tatiana Mayfield Quintet is an amazing group of Musicians who have individually and collectively played across the USA. They are known for unforgettable performances that will leave you stunned and yearning for more. If you enjoy live music than you have got to check them out.”

"Tenorist Ben Bohorquez displays his silken tone in a very relaxed solo."

“The biggest surprise of the night was when the members of CTS called the Bastards’ saxophonist Ben Bohorquez up on stage to join them in their performance of “Don't Shrink Me Gypsy.” Even though it was all improvised on his part; Bohorquez nailed it.”

"Saxophone player Ben Bohorquez was especially adept at picking up the musical thread and spinning an incredibly complex web of sounds that always dazzled the audience. I have seen plenty of talented saxophonists, but I found myself wondering what it was about Ben's playing in particular that makes him stand out as extraordinary. I pondered for awhile before coming to the conclusion that it's not just his immense talent, because I've seen plenty of players who have the talent but don't always come across that way. The unique thing about Ben's solos is that he owns it every single time. He puts notes in places where you wouldn't think they'd go. But because of his confidence and panache, they fit perfectly. He's one of those players that play exactly what you want to hear before you know you want to hear it."

"The Two O’clock Lab Band, directed by Jay Saunders, was named graduate college winner in the Large Jazz Ensemble category."

"In a world of rapid and often bewildering change, it's good to know that there are some things--such as the primacy of the various jazz ensembles at the University of North Texas--that one can always count on. With Too Two, the Two O'Clock Lab Band adds one more impressive chapter to the enduring legacy."

"furious sax sounds from Backside Pick's Ben Bohorquez"

"I remember thinking how beautiful your sound was and how much I loved hearing you play, your passion in it."

Victoria Roy - e-mail

"Cuando me llamaron de la Catedral Nacional y me dijeron que la Obispa había pedido un grupo auténtico latino, al preguntar a varias personas dieron mi nombre. Fue un honor formar parte de ese evento histórico. Llevé a mi "dream team" de músicos profesionales, que son mis amigos y a mi hermano; ellos son mi familia: Ollin y Huitzin Chávez, Ben Bohorquez, el Rvdo. Alex Montes, Matt Kjorvestad y R.C. Laird. Creo que al principio no esperaban tanto de nosotros, pero después de la entronización nos dimos cuenta de que nuestro ritmo latino había sido un momento muy destacado del evento. Llevamos un espíritu rejuvenecedor, lleno de gozo, paz y amor. Ese domingo también fue maravilloso."