Ben Allison / Press

“Hands down, this bassist/ composer's newest is the primo jazz release of 2008 so far and promises to stand tall as one of the year's best. Ben Allison's music has all the earmarks of jazz in motion to a higher evolutionary plateau.”


“Allison's facility for conjuring lush soundscapes from a limited instrumental palette places him in a rarefied league. Seamlessly integrated into his acoustic writing, Allison's recent foray into the electro-acoustic world reveals an organic mastery over pop song structures and timbres.”

All About Jazz

“[Allison is] an iconoclastic bassist and composer. One of the best jazz releases of the year.”

Time Out Chicago

“Ben Allison is a “visionary composer, adventurous improviser, and strong organizational force on the NYC jazz scene, [and] has emerged as a rising star over the past decade.”

Jazz Times

“Whenever some fool goes on about the death of jazz, play that misguided soul some of “Little Things Run the World." [...] This is assuredly jazz that deconstructs all influences, with harmonic chromaticism in an intriguing dialogue with hummable modal melodies.”

LA Times

“All of Allison's trademarks are evident on the new recording: the rich melodies, the exciting rhythms, the intuitive interplay, and the mixing and matching of genres within the framework of a song. The music could be dubbed jazz, rock, Americana, call it what you will, it sparkles with invention.”

Hartford Courant

“New York bassist and composer Ben Allison has pushed jazz's boundaries since his debut. Veering closer to rock and American folk music than ever before, Allison has made perhaps the most accessible record of his career. Allison's playing and writing have taken a great step for with Little Things.”

Bass Player

“Ben Allison shoves at the edges of bebop, funk, dense orchestral composition, and all of the little musical pockets that form between them. It's the perfect blend of wandering weirdness and play, rhythmic groove, and intense musical choreography.”

Baltimore City Paper