bemyoda / Press

"Introducing burgeoning Nigerian soul man Bemyoda with his debut single titled "Shima Yam". Already garnering a huge buzz online, this kid is gonna be the future... Listen below and be blown away like the rest of us!"

"I’ll be honest, I love this song. I think his voice has a brilliance to it that I haven’t heard in a while. It’ll melt your hearts and warm your souls."

"Good music speaks for itself...Bemyoda's Shima Yam is an exceptional piece of work. This is musical excellence that I haven't heard in a while (aside from Asa and Bez)."

"It’s not everyday we come across genuine Soul artists in Nigeria and we’ve seen some exceptional ones in the likes of Asa, Nneka, and Bez...Staking a new addition to that list is new Nigerian Soul man Bemyoda...Bemyoda is certainly the real deal and woos you with his vocal suaveness and technique."