Beloved Binge / Press

“Intelligent, inventive, and amusing...”

“..upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock. Taking turns strumming, humming and drumming (while swiping pages from the K Records playbook) Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge conjure up happy memories of indie rock's fun-loving and far less pretentious past.”

"Beloved Binge nailed it: Twisted, lo-fi indie homage...The band services up a stereophonic celebration of jangly off-kilter guitars in the vein of They Might Be Giants, The Flying Lizards, B-52's, etc., that accent tight, catchy little pop songs ..."

“Catch BELOVED BINGE, too...in the Durham duo's absence, we'll lose a K Records/ Teen Beat blend of generous hooks and captivating quirks...shifting time signatures springboard from trebly, staccato riffs.”

“Eleni Binge's time shifts behind the drum kit and Rob Beloved's serpentine-note guitar lines suggest a certain affinity for math rock. But perfection and precision are subsumed by an overarching playfulness...”

“The countdown is on...all the pieces are falling into place for their year-long tour starting this fall. See 'em while you can, because you know you're gonna miss their off-kilter gtr/drums call-and-response artrock.”

“Sitting behind the drumkit, Binge not only sets the rhythm but sings, plays keyboards and plays guitar. Like her own motion, Beloved Binge songs are busy, using shifting rhythm and keys and two different verses sometimes sung at once.”

“...it's nice to have Seattle's transplanted Beloved Binge...in our midst. On "Other Places"…the tandem of Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge play stripped-down punk rock that doesn't feel thin, combining the howling abandon of Sleater-Kinney with a very fine attention to poppy detail…”

“With a sound as infectious as this, Beloved Binge can keep on singing about Lordonlyknowswhat and people will still be listening.....What’s most striking about this album, however, is that no matter how absurd the lyrics get...the more you want to listen.”