Shameka "Bella Lyric" Bonner / Press

“Remarkable and yet satisfying work of art. Bella Lyric is transparent with her perspectives on how much His love means to her, and shared it with the world. What a breath-taking, exuberant vibe you catch as your ears are tantalized by the lyrics. Be enlightened and reminded of His Love!!”

“What a blessing to hear such a deep and passionate love for not man, but Jesus Christ, her Lord, Savior and Lover of her soul. Sweet, passionate, inspirational, and anointed. Keep it coming!”

“This poetic song is amazing , very passionate, really opens your mind to reality, just the spoken words alone encourages change, promotes nothing but positive literature. Amazing!!!! Amazing....”

“Bella I love this sis! His love is definitely beautiful and this poem is also. I love it!”

“Yes!! What a soothing and inspirational song. LOVE IT!!!!”