Bella Lune / Press

“[Bella Lune] mix gothic-styled guitars with nicely chunky synthleads while Fuchsia's vocals should appeal if you like the style of The Birthday Massacre's Chibi. All in all, this is a nicely intriguing release that's different enough to stand out from the crowd & is well worth checking out.”

“The sound of the Bella Lune is a gothic fairy tale with an attitude. Fuchsia actually knows perfectly how to pinch the wires that lead directly to the heart of the listener, sensitive and melancholy... Retrieves classic goth-wave sound with guitar reminiscent of the Cure, harmonized by the sensual voice of Fuchsia. Ethereal voices in reverb, slowly caress the strings plucked by the Electric guitar. Exquisite interplay between voice and guitar arrangements. Those who can enjoy the soft pallor of dawn or the rising of the kiss received from the wind walking thoughtfully among solitary paths, will receive this album well. A whiff of decadent emotionalism.”

“The overall style of the band is a mix of various new wave and ethereal influences. We have some simple electronic loops, a nice bass groove with somber synths and guitars layered over the top, yet it's all crowned with intelligent lyrics and captivating siren-like vocals... An ethereal gem with haunting elements... Fuchsia's voice glides along like silk on silk over the flowing electronics and the subtle grinding guitars... Somber piano and ethereal elements enthralls the listener. The variety in the song structures and overall moods and styles keep me interested throughout the entire album. I [have] a new favorite album to enjoy.”

“A darkly romantic blend of electro goth/pop... Cure-like guitars mingle with memorable synthleads with the ever-present reverb again adding to the mix. I was reminded of a lighter, girlier version of Clan Of Xymox... Slowly unfolding musical magic adds to the otherworldly feel, like a soundtrack to the most wonderful, magical dream you've ever had... Transfixes the listener with a full-on psychedelic experience, like seeing the world on another plane of consciousness...”

“Dramatic fusion of guitar, piano, multi-layered vocals and wide string sections... Cold and vast soundscapes of which create the disturbing atmosphere of a prolonged haunting nightmare strengthened by the unearthly vocals of Fuchsia and the ominous beat of the drum...Dreamy aerial sounds veil the listener, arousing the engaging feeling of absolute serenity and calmness...Tender heavenly voice rises above the music to drown in it again and melt in the soaring Synth lines and post-punk guitars – what else can a romantic of the dark side desire?”

“The latest album "Synesthesia" has a Dark Wave/Electro-Goth/Gothic-Rock feel and is a very melancholy piece of work. Fuchsia is a bewitching diva with an angelic voice that gives me the feeling of floating through air. Her beautiful melodies dance in the night sky. Kal3id's guitar playing is dark and is filled with melancholic melodies, the Mono-Shiku, and is beautiful. Step beyond a beautiful nightmare into this dark fantasy. Listeners will get hooked on feeling dizzy. Bella Lune has once again created sound magic.”

“A captivating album, recommended to those who roam the more emotional side of music, light and dark”

“Dark, coy, dreamy, catchy and complacent...”

“Immediately after beginning to listen to "Abstracted Visions", one may end up comparing Bella Lune with Switchblade Symphony... However, Bella Lune's instrumental arrangements are more complex and layered in a suitably subtle manner, reinforcing the dreamlike quality of the songs...”

"Synesthesia" features 14 songs with sounds ranging from Depeche Mode, Switchblade Symphony, Clan of Xymox, Ladytron, The Cure and Collide. The songs are melancholic, autumn, with dense atmospheres, wrapped by the sweet voice of Fuchsia.

"Imagine if Cranes and The Cure met in a dark alley... Abstracted Visions will appeal to fans of both bands as well as Cocteau Twins and Curve."

“'Abstracted Visions' is a fusion of modern trip-hop electro and post-shoegaze sensibility, interlacing slinky vocals and catchy synth lines, resulting in an engrossing listen that simulates the feeling of flowing through water.”

“ Traversing the musical spectrum from somber dark wave to catchy pop through more trip-hop moments and other melancholic songs, this project offers a chilling mixture of emotional female vocals full of contrasts and passion.”

“'Abstracted Visions’ is an album with atmospherically dense compositions sure to please the ears of fans from THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE and their likes, but also people who like minimalist Cold Wave arrangements with a good pinch of ambience... Well crafted debut.”

“Soul-stirring sound in a glamorous fantasy world. "Abstracted Visions" is a combination of Dream-Pop/Trip-Hop/Shoegaze/Darkwave/Electro-Goth. Miss Fuchsia has the voice of an angel over the top of beautiful, crystalline, delicate, enchanting, musical brilliance... My favourite new album of 2008...”

“When I listen to "Abstracted Visions" I hear flashes of my some of my favourite bands of all-time. Beautiful layers of guitars, hooky keyboard lines, propelled by bass synth and drum machine lay the right backdrop for Fuchsia's angelic vocal delivery.”

“Morbidly cute”