Bella Clava / Press

“Last Saturday, I saw Bella Clava perform at Dolan’s as part of Indie Week Ireland 2009. I was very impressed by their sound and their songs. They were quite loud and, in rock & roll parlance, they definitely kicked some ass.”

“Caitlin Dacey's voice is very captivating while the guitarist Steve Suttie was just one amazing solo after another. The drummer Luis Figueroa of course kept everything tight and driving ahead at a frantic pace ...the set that certainly kept the attention of all in the audience.”

“An invigorating classic-rock spirit, hard-driving , brash rhythms, capped-off by animated keyboard playing. Caitlin’s vocals soar above an anthemic 70’s inspired romp, complete with combustible energy and sweeping guitar solos. Killer hook-laden rock and roll, straight up. ”

“his Thunder Bay act has one speed, full forward with chugging guitar, manic keyboards, relentless drumming and the frantic vocals of Caitlin Dacey.”

“Imagine The Black Keys, with a female lead, playing music at a strip club and you begin to get a sense of the sonic collage that Bella Clava assembles. ”