BELIME / Press

“His music is not your regular brand of rock, or electro or pop. And he’s not your regular Lebanese artist. Charbel Ghanime a.k.a. Belime has introduced a whole new brand of music to his fans and a whole new concept to the Lebanese music scene.”

“هذا الألبوم إن دلّ على شيء فعلى مشروع نجم بوب لبناني بدأ يشق طريقه بثقة في عالم الموسيقى والفن، ومن المؤكّد أنّ Trap سيحظى بإعجاب محبّي موسيقى البوب.”

“There is a simple formula for Belime. CharBEL + GhanIME = BELIME. But this combination is nothing but a BOMB in the POP zone in Lebanon, where Belime has exploded his first album’s content in the market and directly became an instant hit amongst young fans and devoted audience.”

“Belime: Trap (Anime) **** Yes, he is a wearing a suit with converse trainers and shades but Beirut’s Belime can be forgiven his sartorial oversights because, after all, he is still a teenager. ‘The Trap’ is also for teenagers – a disco pop romp of an album that sounds like it was written to a staple soundtrack of Justin Timberlake. Keep your eyes peeled for this young artist on a dancefloor near you.”

“This RnB Night featured popular and oldies hits spun by only the greatest of DJs and the most talented MCs and rappers A Box and singer Belime. Palais was crowded with RnB lovers and others who wanted to enjoy a crazed night of good music.”