Bekah Kelso / Press

"Within the Shifting Shade is a solid effort that embodies the gypsy musician lifestyle Kelso led before returning to San Antonio. She has the ability to take her music in to different places, from the jazzy "Grey's Not Easy" to the bluesy-folk "In the Blue," and showcase her introspective and, at times, downright cheeky lyrics with a coy gaze and a playful smile. If you're unsure about checking out Kelso's music, here's what a first time listener of the album posted on Kelso's facebook page (in haiku format): "Feeling excited / I listen for the first time / Then push play again." If you have not had a chance to listen to the album, there's a chance you would have the same reaction-I know I did.

“Bekah Kelso takes Solo Artist of the Year and Best Album of the Year in the "Best Local Music of 2013 - Music Editor's Edition"”

“Kelso has a lovely voice and more than a little steel in her spine. In one of her songs, let's just call it “BS” for a family newspaper, Kelso sings sweetly while excoriating her antagonist. In “Love Who I Love,” she reads the metaphorical riot act to the close-minded and the self-righteous. Kelso also is an ace when she opts to write and sing uplifting songs such as “Centripetal Way” with its chorus line “Peace, love and silence is louder than the sirens”; the unconditional love song “Sequoia”; and the take-a-chance on living and loving ode “On Growing.””

“2013 Best Singer/Songwriter & Best Song in the San Antonio Current, also finishes top 3 in best vocalist, top 2 in best album”

"Departures" is more than a worthwhile listen. Not only does Kelso have a big, rich voice but she also has something to say as a creative songwriter that incorporates great driving melodies with sylish, imaginative, poetic lyrics. Departures is a well produced gem.

Sharman Petri - Houston Women's Music Festival Producer

"Bekah Kelso has the talent to go in many different musical directions. Bang Bang is a soulful folk-jazz piece that also puts me in mind of Fiona Apple. Elsewhere on this album, Kelso sings quieter ballads, and invests them with a full range of emotion. The album concludes with a spoken word piece that suggests that Kelso could also make it as a rapper if she wanted to."

"Kelso, . . . Damian Rodriguez and a cast of complementary musicians, some from the jazz scene, some from the rock world, have crafted a beautiful album that's part alt-folk, part funky pop, part folkie soul and all captivating. And Kelso gets extra points, lots of them, for working “centripetal” into a song and for hand-decorating her press kit.

"I knew there was a good chance I’d dig Bekah Kelso’s CD release party at 502 on Friday, but I never thought that her live show would be so different from her album. Within the Shifting Shade is a polished, well-produced pop affair with elements ranging from alt pop and folk to funk and blues. On a live setting, Kelso goes wild: funk, R & B and blues reign supreme, and her roaring stage presence and voice (helped by her own pre-recorded harmonies) was all she needed to show she’s a top performer . . . It was all about her. And she was on fire."

"Excellent . . . The album is strong enough to be the beginning of her best musical run yet, and the product of the year when she got back to her deepest artistic roots after “years on the road, hustling for tip jar money.”