“WOW!! ..GREAT tunes! ..LOVE the wooden bluesy roots man! ..I'm a fan! ..Alsao ...Thanks for the support!!”

Den Louzon - reverbnation

“This is top notch writing, vocals, musianship, and production...pure professionalism, and an inspiration to listen to. ”

Baluja - reverbnation

"You Hurt My Baby" is a fabulous showcase of your extraordinary talent..it belongs on the sliver screen or in heavy rotation on the radio! I am sure it is only a matter of time before you are a household name! Your voice is haunting and moves my soul!! Much Love xoxo

Funkygroovylemonade - reverbNation

“Caught your tunes on the Nat'l Blues Network ... Dobro, slap n slide, acoustic, 'lectric, a little bit of everything going on. Man I'm diggin' your sound! Hope to see you out there ... a little farther down the road.”

swampsmoke blues - youTube

“Your music does you proud! And the inspiration of your music sets loose the incredible gifts of one fabulous photographer and her amazing mind to create one fantastic video in rhyme with your music dear friend. Congratulations John on another wonderful video. My admiration dear sir. And my great pride and respect for all including our incredibly gifted creatress Donna and the beautiful Dayna and handsome Colter. WOW !!!”

Maricet Delaney - youTube

“There some Mississippi juju slippin' round in there. Thatz some wicked good sorta bad. I dig it. I'll be watchin' for you. A little farther down the road. ”

swampsmokeblues - youTube

“ John ~ SO GREAT to hear from you ! I always have the best time in the world listening to your music !! Much love, m ”

Monica Dupont - reverbnation

“Hi John, I love the rocking blues soul in your voice and amazing painting of musical moods on your outstanding song "Chain Gang"!!”

John Revitte - reverbnation

“Now that's the real thing there. Haven't heard blues this real and honest in a long long time.”

Lenny Wiles LionStar Marshal - reverbnation

“Great blues vocals and superb blues music! ”


“John, I am always overwhelmed by your soul and amazing musicianship !! Sending a Christmas hug your way !!!”


“awesome taste of the blues ~ you got it right ~ these tracks are excellent”


“So funky, fabulous grooves - love it !!!”

Monica Dupont - ReverbNation

“Holy-poop-on-a-stick !!! I'm a fan ..  just heard the new Beige Fish album, 2011-Wildcat Cafe ... does a wonderful job of Stills' "Black Queen". That takes a whole pantsload of talent and guts to cover these songs so damnably well. I'm impressed.”

“YOU HURT MY BABY This song is very special, in that it addresses the sensitive issue of child abuse - which made putting a video together an extremely difficult decision. My heart goes out to all of those, who have had to live with the heartbreak of their children being hurt. May God bless you with faith in Him and impart upon you, His strength - and just know that with your unconditional love, your children can make it through. My heartfelt thanks to John, for caring so much about what his work represents - and for standing behind this and allowing the video to openly address this very painful issue. I know he found it deeply troubling, and I have so much respect for him for his depth and strength of character.”

“You are truly a brilliant blues player ! Your version of "China White " gave me chills ! Lowell and I used to get high together out in Topanga Canyon Calif. a long time ago ! My HERO !You knocked me out with that slide playing!”

“Wow! What as awesome vibe! Loving the vocals and the guitars are great! The whole 'sound' is just bang on!”

“You Hurt My Baby and Beige Fish remind me of JJ Cale and are my personal faves here. The video of The Sad Bag of Shakey Jake is a great cover version with brilliant photography. Wishing you success with the forthcoming second album. Steve”

stage parades - reverbnation

“Really sweet video and a good song. Lots of luck and best wishes, John”

“Beige Fish - LOVE HIM! Best blues on the planet! Love what you've done here. So really, really great to see some Beige Fish presence on YouTube! ”

“Great production and performance.There is great talent here.”

“This is Brilliantl!!!!”

“Wonderful indeed Steve a terrific video with the music of Beige Fish and their fabulous Blues Music. Now there are all sorts of music and many folk have their favourites, whether that be Country, Blues, Jazz, Instrumental or Classical whatever their tastes. But that is Categorical only a name ..”

“Beige Fish - LOVE HIM! Best blues on the planet! Love what you've done here. So really, really great to see some Beige Fish presence on YouTube!”

“Great song, love the guitar work. Excellent.”

“Great song, groove, lyrics and performance! I like it very much! 5* ”

“The most refreshing sound I have heard in almost ten years! Honestly, words can't describe how much I love this CD. John's voice is incredible - and he has SUCH an ear for harmonizing. He is also a highly skilled musician. The guitar work is second to none. Turn up your speakers (way up!!) and take it in. I guarantee you won't be able to keep your feet from tapping and your head from bobbing. It's THAT great! ”