behind the couch / Press

“behind the couch takes you on a sonic and thematic ride from the very first sound to the end of the disk. Excellent lyrics enhanced by first rate songwriting and production make this a CD not to be missed. Check it out. Highly recommended.”

“All the songs, lyrics, melodies and structure of this CD are well-mastered. The music fills an entire space with pure harmonic tonality. Say What? (I think these are the notes often undetected by the normal ear, but certainly felt within). Get this into your library folks!”

“When this disc arrived, I listened to the whole thing and was blown away!!!! The songs are deep and very attention getting. Hurricane easily earns a place in my desert island box!!!!!!”

“Hey! I love this kind of music, and you guys have awesome lyrics... my favorite song is still pride though!”

“This CD came up when I was looking for artists sounding like a specific band. Listened to the available music, stuck it in my cart, and . . . definitely haven't regretted it”

“Join the 1,000,000 song campaign - only 99 cents!”