Beer Supply / Press

“Checking out Cruisin'. This reminds me of some of George Harrison's stuff. This is a cool song. I really dig the music”

The Nonsense Buffer - Reverb Nation

“'Time to Move' really speaks to me. It's pretty Classic Rock. I think it needs a five minute guitar solo though! Nice tune!”

Rambo and his Six Gun - Reverb Nation

“great tracks - i'll have a pint of lager, please!!! all the best – jon ”

Jon Edwards – Reverb Nation

“Cruisin' is Kewel! The beer pic caps it off for the listen.. BEERS from the scat camp! 1987.. a great year! ”

Scatter Bones – Reverb Nation

“fantastic music great style nice sound/vocs well done thanks for the support right back at ya keep rockin jeff c/o THE TIMMYYZZZ ”

the Timmyyzzz – Reverb Nation

“Love ‘Cruisin’ excellent song, great lyrics. Ace vibe to your tracks. W&W ”

Wild & Welsh - Reverb Nation

“Awesome Band - "Bitter Man" is a great song! Great Recodings - some of the best on RN - AMFE ^O;O^ ”

Acoustic Music From Earth - Reverb Nation

“We're sold on your band name alone! Cheers! ”

Hitherside - Reverb Nation

“tight and tasty rockin good soul vibes you guys are putting out here..great piece of storytelling with "forbidden city" and diggin that vocal and soulful sway to "time to move"..very cool playlist!! ”

Mike White Presents - Reverb Nation

“We had a wish, and then we found the beer supply! great tracks and lyrics with a message! here to show our support! ”

i1 - Reverb Nation

“Time to Move, cool track! ”

Sam Pearce Music - Reverb Nation

“Can't get enough Beer Supply! ”

Bill Wright - Reverb Nation

“Craft rock from the kings of the cool one!”

Greg Leatherman – Reverb Nation

“I always make sure I have a full Beer Supply !! Great stuff guy's, I raise a glass to you,cheers !! :-D”

John Hasnip – Reverb Nation

“Bitter Man....Gotta love it. When are we getting some NHL HOCKEY to go along with our Beer Supply??”

Bill (Billy Band) – Reverb Nation

“Very much like "Bitter Man" ! How can you not like a band named "Beer Supply" !”

Jeffrey Whitman - Reverb Nation

“Just soaking up some Beer Supply. Always good to have around.You guys rock !”

Sock Puppet Monkeys - Reverb Nation

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”

GreatMindInside - Reverb Nation

“Your music makes me feel young again! Very cool, Smithereens-esque. Love this! Stop by for the name, stay for the music;)”

Luscious Purr - Reverb Nation

“Bitter Man ... you guys rock and have a more than tasty sound as well as band name! May the beer never be overly bitter and you keep the music coming. All the best ~ kappi”

Ships of Gold - Reverb Nation

“Loving Bitter Man - Stella sound, lager than life :)”

IceChrystalls - Reverb Nation

“The world is a happier place with Beer Supply! You guys rock !”

Eddie Blip - Reverb Nation

"bitter man" rocking southern california ~ unique vocal style and a rocking band

pinksideofthemoon - Reverb Nation

“men of my own heart ”

Drinky Poo - Reverb Nation