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““I liked it. Simply put the flow of the instruments really set a somewhat "sexy" mood. No vocals were needed in this instrumental song. It just felt right as it was. The piano was amazing, [Bee Boisseau] is very talented, keep up the good work!””

““This is great, If you're asking if it has radio play potential. YES! Definitely. I forgot I wasn't already listen to the radio. I love this. Feels good, sounds good. Reminds me a bit of Boney James. Jazz, smooth, and clever. I'd actually love to hear more from this artist. The instrumentals hit my ear just perfectly. Its mixed well and mastered well. Its melodic. ... I like the song.””

““Smooth R&B ( or is it jazz)... Oh Yeah! Whatever it is I love it! These artists are very talented! I love this instrumental! I would definately play this in my car this summer. It is smooth, yet has a good rhythm. This person has keyboard skills out of this world. I love the guitar and the bass hits hard. I think that is what makes it more contemporary compared to what my mom listened to like Zapp and Roger/ Herbie Hancock, etc... Still, you got the influence of the greats, but with a new feel. This definately gets a 10!””

““The playing style of all the instrument are great. I love the sound of the recording and the entire song. This feels like a great instrumental. The song is subtle and smooth with a beat. This is defiantly something I want more of.””

“Bee Boisseau is #1 on the Reverbnation Jazz Charts for the Central Virginia area!”

“Real good music, I enjoy it very much...!!!!!! Love... Mirandea”

Mirandea- Munich, DE - Reverbnation

“[Out Front]....a definite contrast and visceral presentation among the hue of works currently on the Smooth Jazz market.....Great Work! -BJ Simmons ”

Direct message sent by BJ Simmons (@BJONSAX) to Bee Boisseau (@TheRealBeeBoi) - Twitter

“I love the tracks [from Out Front]! "It's a Habit" is a track that takes me somewhere nice and relaxing. Good music...[it] changes how you feel! Music for music lovers worldwide!! Much Love, Chris B..”

Chris Beasley, guitarist (Jill Scott, Parliment Funkadelic) - album review

“Downloaded "Its a Habit" from iTunes. Love it!!!”

“Love [It's A Habit], highly recommend. Need more!! One song not enough :) Excellent! 5*'s ”

“On February 12th, Paul "Shilts" Weimar & Nate Najar blew into town accompanied by none other than "Third" Richardson, Tim George, & Bee Boisseau. Both "Third" & Tim had already performed with Matt Marshak at the January concert & are so highly thought of that they were hand picked by Shilts & Nate Najar to join them for this gig, as was Bee. To say all "they rocked the house" would be putting it mildly...”

“...(H. Bee) Boisseau is an interesting cat in is own right also. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia where he’s a bit of a local legend on the music scene, he’s shared stage with Lauren Hill, Avant, The Neptunes, Jill Scott, Faith Evans and many more. Boisseau’s keyboards provided some nice counter-point to Exum’s sax work.”

“H. Bee Boisseau nominated for two AGA's: Organist of the Year & Keyboardist of the Year”