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““Fortunate Some” is magnificent in its power, and the quartet of tunes — expansive in their structural blueprints and averaging about seven minutes in length — are as relentless and menacing as a lava flow through a cemetery. The refrains in “Riddles of Wind and Time” and “When All You’ve Got is a Hammer” will absolutely burrow into your brain and hang around awhile in the grand fashion of Alice in Chains’ “Would” or Ozzy wailing “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. No matter what fog of sound or gut-slawing bass figures Wujtewicz churns out, it’s perfectly anchored by Killimade’s rhythmic patterns — and check out the EP-closing “The Serpent, The Smiler” for a stunning example of their umbilical connection.”

“Speaking of good bands getting better, the night also re-confirmed for me how far ahead of their 2013 debut, Red over Red, are bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade of Bedroom Rehab Corporation. After seeing them for the first time earlier this summer, this was already apparent, but no less so in Allston, the New London, CT, twosome engaging in varying doomly methods, Melvins-style crunch and a bit of noise punk to boot, the gruff shouts of Wujtewicz adding a sense of burl to the set. They seem to be in the process of discovering their sound and that only makes watching them play, even the older material with its seafaring thematic — New London is on the no-less-ambitiously-named Thames River, and is a town with a port history — more enjoyable.”

“2 words: Awe Inspiring. Adam [bass/vocals] & Meghan [drums] have an undeniable chemistry and put on a live show that rivals any 5pc. dual gtr. riff fest on the planet. Adam's brooding stage presence compliments Meghan's bombastic and passionate drumming perfectly. Their songs are heavy on hooks, flawless execution, & fuzz. They are a lethal duo who I assume won't be a band that goes unrecognized nationally for very much longer.”

“Their grooving instrumental “All Hands” made an excellent centerpiece before the more brooding “S.O.S. (Son of Siren),” and the starts and stops in “No Payment for the Boatman” only underscored how much more tonally creative and full-sounding Bedroom Rehab Corporation were, Wujtewicz showboating a bit on vocals but selling it well. There was a point at which I had to step back and tell myself that if they keep going the way they are in five years they’ll be completely unfuckwithable.”

“The stock ingredients may be familiar but the two piece approach, the bass-forward production, and the obvious chemistry between Killimade and Wujtewicz put Red Over Red above much of the unwashed stoner rock masses. There’s a good deal of variety in their approach and they have some nice incorporations of noise here and there. Bedroom Rehab Corporation have put together a solid piece of doom influenced stoner rock, one that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly.”

“Nuclear Dog's Atomic List - Favorite LPs of 2013: 5. Bedroom Rehab Corporation - "Red Over Red" - Another twosome consisting of drum and bass. Incredible. Incredible that this toothsome twosome from New London, Connecticut can make such phenomenally massive music. Released very early in the year it has hung around the entire twelve months getting spin time on my iPod and in my car due to the gargantuan, mammoth riffs created by the lone stringed instrument as well as the energetic, forceful drumwork that by default joins center stage, executing a dance sublime from this duet of fuzz.”

“Bedroom Rehab went on in New London around 3:00 and they totally killed it, I know that's something people say about bands all the time -- "they totally killed it" -- but in this case it's fucking real, jack. I watched people walking into the place and then slowly inching forward, like "what the heck is this, this is amazing", including a group of metalheads who finally just said "fuckit" and went up front, howling and throwing devil-horns in the air and headbanging like maniacs. This is true, I'm not making this up. Adam and Meghan are both hugely charismatic performers, Meghan maybe even the most out of the two even though she's seated behind a drum kit the whole time, and this was another one of those Bedroom Rehab sets where the crowd starts off kinda medium-warm and then by the end everyone is going nuts.”

“The twosome’s self-released full-length debut, Red over Red, offers a more sonically diverse attack, far less beholden to genre and more driven by a nascent, still-coalescing individualized sensibility.Take, for example, “S.O.S. (Son of Siren),” as it departs from the full-toned heavy rock push of the preceding “Basilosaurus” in favor of an ambient, wandering build that only gives some hint of the kick-in to come for how held together it is by drummer Meghan Killimade. Joined in the band by bassist/vocalist Adam Wujtewicz, Killimade proves no less able than her counterpart to affect a change in atmosphere across the course of the album. Whether it’s the repurposed Zeppelin stomp of “Caught in the Bite”‘s open-room feel or the ’90s-style crunch of the subsequent “Splice the Main Brace,” Red over Red works in a vaster array of colors than its title might indicate.”

“With a fantastical story arc that beautifully incorporates elements of the sea and its tradition of ghostly yarns, the atmospheric but dinosaur-stomp-heavy duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation has completed their new CD, "Red Over Red." A song-cycle that seems at times almost spookily ambient and, at others, like the delicious soundtrack to a Black Mass, the album is a triumph of energy, visceral mood and monstrously good tunes. Veterans of the e'er evolving and fruitful rock scene, Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Adam Wujtewicz (bass treatments/vocals) and Meghan Killimade (drums) - hooked up with noted producer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth), and the result is even at this early date an odds-on choice for those distant year-end Best Of lists.”

“...songs such as #7 "Gone by the Boards" and #9 "Pilot Fish" lure the listener in with a mellow introduction only to grunge it out with a scornful proliferation. "Pilot Fish" encompasses everything that BRC does well; the prolific story-telling, a somber introduction, a solid foundational beat, their signature sound and finally their unique delivery. I believe rock enthusiats will be pleased with this CD.”

“Now I was aware that New London's Bedroom Rehab Corporation were a two piece outfit focusing on drums and bass. I knew that bassist extraordinaire Adam Wujtewicz was a master of the multi-pedal distortion that could manipulate sound in unique ways. What I was not prepared for was to hear a full album that is equal parts ambient stoner rock and battering ram styled noise rock and there not be one single damn guitar on the record. I don't think it can be understated that what Wutjewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade have done is to create an album as heavy and pummeling as a full on five-piece band with just the two of them and lots of distortion.”

“One thing which bluffs me with this type of band is the incredible space that a guy can fill-up with just his bass and Adam is not an exception, he brings to the table so many big riffs and different sounds with a large range of pedal effects delivering distortion, feedback and noise. Meghan is never in rest on drums and hold the beat substantially; partners in everyday life, their natural complicity is often underlying and is undoubtedly a real asset for the band. All is perfectly valued by a faultless production - by Justin Pizzoferrato who worked with Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and Black Pyramid. The duo definitely already go their own way and are damn potent at it; especially for a 1st album, such diversity and audacity deserve much respect and attention!”

“Bedroom Rehab level the f*** out of the place and leave a big old footprint in the middle of the floor for the next band that wants to come along and try it. Seriously, Bedroom Rehab are pretty much seamless-- Meghan is the perfect rock drummer, while Adam pulls some horrendously bad-ass sounds out of his bass non-stop-- so when they play, they aren't so much a band as they are a conquering army. ”

“The ocean and the desert have a lot in common. They are both powerful, harsh and inhospitable, yet equally filled with beauty and mystery. That's a pretty apt description for Bedroom Rehab Corporation as well. Fans of bands such as Clutch, Melvins, Old Man Gloom and the aforementioned stoner rock outfits will find a lot to love on this record.”

“The point is the sound these two create is beautiful, powerful, singular, astonishing, deeply effective, poignant, and incredibly beautiful. We live for down low, this is true, but I think we also live for songs that strike an inner primal chord deep within that brings spiritual satisfaction due to some sort of universal, cosmic harmony with every molecule within and without, inherent and far flung, simultaneous and asynchronous. The best song writers, regardless of style, innately know how to do that. Add Adam Wujtewicz to the list of 'best song writers.”

“The sounds produced between the pair is just exactly what each moment seems to call for, it's an obvious synergy of talent and mutual understanding, and the result is a battered, decaying wall of sound, that Adam and Meghan are standing confidently on, throwing loose bricks at your head.”

“Bedroom Rehab Corporation blast through with the power of a Force-5 hurricane. They take DNA samples from punk, metal and stoner rock, splice it with intriguing lyrical concepts, and take flight in unique fashion. For one thing, instead of a guitar/drums format, Killimade's carpet-bombs percussion is augmented by Wujtewicz's prowess on four-string bass. His mastery and creativity with a multi-effects pedal board is such, though, that the tonal possibilities far exceed the standard rhythm section construct - and this is a loud, howling and, at surprising and effective points in the course of an evening's set, almost delicate combination.”

“If John Wetton loaned his "Starless and Bible Black"-era bass tone to Adam Wujtewicz, who in turn placed it carefully in a guacamole bowl and pureed it with Geezer Butler's brain, you'd have the principal sound and fury of the New London duo Bedroom Rehab Corporation.Underpin this recipe with the lean but molten, always-in-the-pocket drums of Meghan Killimade, then dry rub with some funny lyrical concepts reminiscent of Fear - "S.S. Hangover" being a particularly appropriate anthem. Finally, place Wujtewicz in front of a mic to roar in leonine fashion, and the whole thing distills into gleeful and sardonic, two-minute bursts of musical anarchy.”

“The new Bedroom Rehab Corporation song is a total monster, their best song yet. I think I've said it before-- or tried to, anyway-- that Bedroom Rehab's best riffs sound like either Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" or "Into The Void", and this is another one of those. So track down "The Long Hundred" or somehow get your hands on the Bedroom Rehab CosmoSingle-- the cover's solid white except for "..don't expect too much.." written across it in plain black letters, pretty hysterical-- because this one's a hit, at least in some other universe.”

“Bedroom Rehab Corporation started the night off right with a power set to celebrate the release of their new EP. The early birds were loving this set, with the phrase "best two-piece in New London" being thrown around like Blagojevich in the media! Be sure to pick up a copy of the homemade EP, which features artwork by our friend Roberta Sulls! ”