Becoming Machine / Press

“...Within the first few bars, this band will be sure to get you adrenaline pumping and make those epinephrine levels rise.”

Volume 17 - Void Magazine

“kikkin tunes boys grinding hard sweet vocals keep on thrashin it up thanks for the support”

“Helpless is a rockin track...diggin it completely! We will share this page with our friends and will be back to hear more from you! Great stuff!”

“Honestly, most of the guys that post on here, I listen to, and just roll my eyes and wonder what business they had in a recording studio. This stuff is......good! Take this from a 42 year old guitarist/singer with many recordings to his credit. I listen mostly to Acoustic music or country, but grew up on this stuff. Why? 1. VERY well placed guitars, you two listen to each other well 2. The singer does a LOT well 3. Guitars are honestly not that distorted, just played really HARD! 4. Songwriting and layering is textbook smooth 5. It has attitude 6. It shows 'chops' without 'showing off'..... 7. Good rhythm section, they are paying attention to each other 8. The screams are dead scary! 9. Influences just scream KORN, RAGE, but have a nice original flare 10. Good down tuned riffs 11. This would be good driving music 12. I could have used this stuff after my divorce I like it!”