Beca / Press

“Beca is a young New York artist who started out studying composition at Juilliard but who has since turned her talents toward making wispy, ethereal electro-pop.”

“[Beca] has honed her voice into a sound that is both fresh and truly her own. Both [EPs] showcased her talent for whimsical sounds and a breezy voice that is worth listening to over and over again.'”

“Listening to Beca is like wandering around New York. Sure, she's got a love for great pop hooks but since when was that a crime? ”

“Get to know Beca before she breaks into the music scene in a big way. ”

“Dance pop gets airborne on “Born To Fly”, the title track previewed here from the forthcoming new EP by sultry NYC dance-floor songstress Beca. The singer’s dreamy vocals layer their intoxicating melody atop a funky jungle groove that lay seductively beneath. Get familiar this new siren on the rise.”

“New York singer/songwriter Beca writes pop the way it was meant to be: atmospheric, addictive, and with more than a hint of sex appeal. One thing is for sure—the girl is just too, too fly.”

“Beca caught our eye earlier this year with her single and music video for “Fall Into Light” (see our interview with Beca and the music video directors). The lady is now back with “Born To Fly”, which features sensual percussive rhythms that balance out breathy, feminine vocals, the combination of which lies somewhere between babymaking R&B material and water-cruising audio-oasis.”

"Beca finds inspiration in things like surrealism. She’s also quite a fan of both the R&B and Industrial of the 1990s. She’s a bit of an enigma."

“What: New York singer Beca proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover in her music video for “Born to Fly”. Though she spends much of the video vamping it up poolside like a high-end model, her sultry voice and stripped down electro-pop sound, a combination that once earned her comparisons to “a female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA,” proves she’s more than a mere pretty face.”

“If you're looking for a show full of energy and tingling beats this is it.”