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“Be Brave rocks! This Colorado band's latest EP, Pursue The Dream, is proof of this fact. When a band rocks so hard and displays so much talent you can't help but appreciate the greatness that is being revealed. "Perfect" opens up the EP well and is one of my favorites by Be Brave. The song's music has an awesome sound and will get the adrenaline flowing in any rock music buff. The vocal performance is incredibly awesome as well, which makes this a great production. Other awesome songs by Be Brave include: Never Say Never, Honestly and We Need To Talk. Each of these tracks bring a good mix of rock and pop fusion that would easily grab the 15-28 crowd. Overall, Pursue The Dream is a well produced EP that is exactly what's needed in today's pop-rock genre. I've listened to over 3,000 rock bands in the past 4 months and this band is definitely one of the best of the bunch. I'd recommend supporting this band because it will help keep great music alive.”

“Be Brave is out to make a positive, empowering statement with their music. With a brand new EP entitled Pursue The Dream just released and dynamic live shows, it won’t be long until those outside of the Rocky Mountain State encounter the rocking melodies Be Brave has to offer. A few of the members were in Defending The Pilot, a local metal band, who were beginning to make quite an impact. Be Brave shows a new musical direction, with the sound having more in common with Mayday Parade and Go Radio than with Drop Dead, Gorgeous or anything remotely metalcore.”

“These guys are so funny and quite a team too. They are one of the biggest unsigned bands going in Denver at the moment and they have a huge fan base .A few of their fans actually wrote to me thanking me for bringing them to Fort Collins .. A really nice touch too. They arrived in Fort Collins around 4pm, parked and grabbed a handful of fliers and went around the town for me.. they were all in great moods and were off for an hour They are such a fantastic band live and their stage presence is amazing - this is the 2nd time I saw them play and they impressed me again! I would recommend these guys for anyone and any event - they have a great fanbase in Denver and do really well with the Pre-Sales and promotions - they made a video especially with their tour dates. They have a fantastic merch table too! They are friendly, professional and extremely helpful with everyone they work with. Claire Roberts Best 303 Sounds”

Claire Roberts - Best 303 Sounds

“Not only do these boys live through their inspiring music, but they stand behind their name Be Brave. They are currently releasing the 'Pursue the dream' EP which is such a perfect name for this album. They have gone above and beyond everything and have put into their music and their shows. If you have not seen Be Brave live before, it is an experience of a lifetime. The charisma that they carry with them not only lightens up the crowd, but connects with them. They do not want to be seen as only music. This group has connected with their audience on such a personable level and it shows how much they really do care about the fans. This band has a recipe for success, with an incredibly talented group of caring, down to earth people, along with their songs and lyrics that are both catchy and relatable. It is hard to say that Be Brave won't be world renowned in no time. ”

“Kelsey Swift Join my girl Liv and I today on After School Kick Back ... we're going to play yall some Be Brave and talk about their epic first show last night... We also interviewed Kill Paradise at their sold out show on Saturday... if you were at either show call in and share your experience...! 1-877-699-4662 After School Kick Back”