Beat the Grid / Press

"Upbeat feel with some added funk that warmed the crowd up nicely. Their beautiful female vocalist had the entire audience mesmerized..."

“immediately taken with how engaging they were with the audience...every move seemed perfectly timed and calculated, [the singer] is a real life siren if there ever was one. Their whole flow onstage seemed so perfect, and it was clear that they were having immense fun simply playing alongside one another. Incredibly talented musicians.”

“Great funk-jazz-soul-pop...”

"A wonderful group of artists...composed of some truly experienced and poetic people"

“Featured in the Annual Ithaca Music Awards for 'Best Song' & 'Best Female Singer'”

“Top 10 Downloads of the Month - Beat the Grid - 'Blues'”

“Stereolab, Brazilian Girls, and Prince Rama have been nodded at in reference–jammy instrumentals combined with music school compositional sensibility and powerfully dreamy pop-worthy vocals make for a shoegaze/experimental sound that is currently difficult to find. EXCELLENT Jazz Fusion.”

“This 8 piece wonder of the world shook the ground and got down with some sexy, soulful, latin infused funk.​ With a group like this, how could you go wrong?”

“After rocking out to a captivating performance by this eclectic indie group at Brooklyn Bowl, we knew we had to feature them”