League of Extraordinary Artists (LEA) / Press

“Feighner's best musical weapon is his voice”

“This is a very viable, commercial record that could stand up to scrutiny in the marketplace among the best”

“JD is a sophisticated, renaissance entertainer who can create a party, write a new song on the spot, sings it, play it on the piano and guitar .. and wine will be flowing!”

Nancy - SongsAlive

“...a very talented musician..love his vocal style and feel...very marketable, think Ben Lee from Australia”


“like Jack Johnson meets the Eagle...very organic, natural sounding vocals”


“A jack-of-all-trades hailing from San Diego, Feighner has been captivated by music his entire life (and several lifelines before him) as his mother, father, and even his maternal grandmother performed in bands and orchestras.”


“JD Feighner, "Sundays at 1620" has created a group of songs, that sparkle like a young James Taylor meets Brett Dennen.”

June Caldwell - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion