Beatrix Players / Press

"Cello and vocals drive the melody in Unpolished Pearl, a gothic pop song accompanied by a stunning animated video in which the band members are caught up in a surreal world of bell jars and octopus arms. I caught up with the Beatrix Players to find out how this ambitious project came together."

“Their single ‘Unpolished Pearl’ is a fascinating and tightly woven release filled with promise and endeavour. The single’s lyrics are written by its lead singer, Amy. It's a cry for help to get a break in the industry, to be praised as a finished performer and songwriter. She implores this to happen at risk of her being left feeling like “an unpolished pearl", the comeuppance of which will be the seemingly proscribed settling down to work at a desk and having children.The lyrics portray her quandary powerfully with an enviable vocal intensity. It's quite a dark song where frustration, deception, confusion and rage hide behind the up-beat melodies of the different instruments. The piano takes the lead opening with a quirky syncopated riff followed by the rest of the instruments adding counter melodies and harmonies. This pushes into an interesting middle section, steady bass line, guitar and drums/cajon.”

“Unpolished pearl is one of those songs that combine innovative, elegant, interesting and multiple influences. Starting with a modern folk approach, the song grows in intensity with excellent production, differenciating each verse with an intelligent and elegant stacatto/ legato contrast.(Unpolished pearl es una de esas canciones que mezclan con innovadora elegancia interesantes y mltiples influencias. Partiendo de un folk actualizado, el tema crece en intensidad bajo una produccin sobresaliente, diferenciando estribillo/estrofa mediante un inteligente y elegante contraste "stacatto/legato".)Miguel Lataro”

Miguel Lataro - Song Review: Unpolished Pearl

"This is a beautiful, piano driven song, which showcases the delicate vocals of lead singer Amy White to great effect. Her melancholy tones add a somewhat classical feel to this track, operating over grandiose piano playing by her band mates, along with majestic string accompaniment towards the end. It is a strong track, which hints at great things for the album, and will definitely be worth picking up on its release. The lead singer's voice adds a very classical feel to the song. Towards the end, the tempo begins to decline and this really highlights the quality and range of the lead singer's voice."Unpolished Pearl is a beautiful piece of music and one that I would certainly recommend."